US Envoy to Afghanistan makes Karzai Cry

Ok, well maybe he didn’t make him cry. I kind of embellished that one a little bit, but hey it got your attention didn’t it? However it appears that Karzai was a little upset that Ambassador Holbrooke questioned Karzai’s tactics in his election and appears to have pushed Karzai on a run-off to validate the election and to prove there was no fraud.

It ticked Karzai off and I must say I can understand why. I mean who does the USA think they are? They only came in to the country, eliminated the Taliban as a ruling authority, helped put Karzai in power, have given the country their own election process, have given the people of Afghanistan a growing but present Army and Police Force, have given the people a court system and have built more roads, wells, schools and other infrastructure pieces than anyone has ever done. Who are they (the USA) to stick their foreign noses in the business of Afghanistan. What concern is it of theirs?

Hmm, that sounds like a spoiled teenager that wants to know why his/her parents care if he/she attends high school classes or skips, smokes drugs or drinks, or wants to quit school and run off to be a roadie.

Maybe because like the parent that has invested many years, a lot of time and money, a lot of love and caring into the up-bringing of that teenager…WE the USA care about all the time, money, blood, sweat and sons and daughters we have invested into establishing a democracy and a government.

We want it to grow and be successful and not be a cesspool of corruption, greed and unethical behavior. You know; don’t do as we do, do as we say.

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