Timeline of War in Afghanistan

The Council on Foreign Relations contacted me to tell me about an interesting timeline they have up on their site which outline the milestones of the war in Afghanistan. It is emails like those from organizations like that which flatter me beyond words. I never, ever meant my blog to be the go-to place on all things Afghanistan like it has become and it humbles me every time one of this groups contacts me.

Anyway, back to the timeline, it is very interesting how they have pieced together some of the major events in the war on terror from before 9/11/01 through the elections last week. I think they missed some important parts, but that is my opinion. I think there were some major timelines when opium production went through the roof, and when attacks on both innocent Afghans and coalition forces spiked. Since they told me they read this blog and they were interested in my feedback, there it is.

Overall I think it gives a very good synopsis as to how we got where we are today in Afghanistan and I encourage my readers to check it out as you may learn a thing or two, or may just be reminded how all this started. Click the link below to check out the timeline.


CFR.org – U.S. War in Afghanistan

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  1. Very interesting. And that is an honor that so many read your blog but I am really not surprised because you do a superb job!!

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