Take time to do it right rather than do it over

I am glad to see our military leadership do it the right way rather than the way the Presidential Administration does things. The current administration seems to like the approach of talking and making decisions before knowing all the facts (shutting down Gitmo, not keeping terrorists in prison forever, pulling out of Iraq within one year). All of those examples are ones that were said by the President during campaign time and then changed once he got in office.

I know, this blog entry is starting to sound like it should be on www.militarypundits.com and not here, but the point I am trying to make is that the SecDef and GEN McChrystal are at least taking their time to get the Afghanistan War review right the first time. Rather than putting out bad info and having to go back and re-work it again.



Here is the bottom line, the administration fired GEN McKiernan and replaced him with GEN McChrystal after only 11 months on the job. They said McChrystal was the right man and the smartest man for the job (I think he is probably one of the best our country has right now also). So whatever GEN McChrystal asks for, he has to get. HAS TO!!

I mean how can he not get it. If the guy says he wants to replace all the MRAPs with pink and purple VW bugs then the administration has to give it to him. Of course that is sarcasm. But if he does ask for the 4-6 additional brigades (20,000 troops on top of what is there now) as is rumored, then the administration has no choice but give it to him. How can they put a guy in there who is the best one for the job and then second guess him? They will get chewed up in the press and in the election booth if they try.

So I am not sure why the report is delayed. Maybe the SecDef wants the General to re-check numbers or sharpen his pencil. Maybe the SecDef wants a different direction. Who knows, but the bottom line is that whatever comes out in that report will be the way our country takes this war. There is nobody in the service of this Federal Government that is qualified to second guess Gen McChrystal, the man put into place by the President himself.

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