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Last night after co-hosting a great You Served Radio show that was packed with some great guests I finally got a chance to watch the new Military Channel show Special OPS Mission. This new reality show features Will Willis. On Wednesday, CJ and I interviewed Will for You Served Radio that will be played on a later date.

Will is an ex-Ranger and end AirForce Pararescue Jumper (PJ). PJs are like a EMTs on steroids that can take lives as easily and efficiently as they can save them.

The premise of this new type of reality show is similar to Survivor-man, in that Will operates largely independently. Except for strategically placed surveillance cameras, pretty much all the footage of Will is from the cameras he carries or are mounted to his weapon. He talks to the cameras (you the viewer) as he would a newbie on his team. He operates solo so there are no team members for him to talk to regularly. Just as he would coach a new team member on a training exercise, Will passes tidbits of info to the cameras explaining why he is doing something, his thought or decision making process, etc.

In the first episode his mission is in an abandoned hospital that four opposing force (OPFOR) members (who are two ex-Marine Force Recon guys, and ex-Navy Seal and an Ex-Army guy) have four hostages. Will’s mission is to “eliminate” the four opposing force members and rescue the hostages.

They are using special Simulation rounds that are like paintballs but they are loaded on the end of real brass casings and with gun powder. These special rounds are only available to military and law enforcement and can be fired from normal weapons.

I think it was a great show and was very accurate. There was not a lot of “Hollywood” to it. As Will and the OPFOR all acted as any professional soldiers would. I easily found myself half-way through the show yelling at the TV rooting for Will. Every time he took down one of the bad guys I was cheering.

For the normal civilian on the street or for the military family member who has maybe heard some acronyms or things in the house, this is a great teaching tool into the vernacular of the combat soldier. It also demonstrates the tactics and technical expertise of the combat soldiers of today and how there is so much more to effectively taking out an enemy than just pointing a weapon and pulling a trigger.

If you have Military Channel then be sure to catch the show. If not, then keep an eye on for when it becomes available on there.


I give Special OPS Mission a big Bouhammer Thumbs UP!!

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  1. Hi Bouhammer,
    I was very excited for this program “Special Ops Mission” (Military Channel), and I, like yourself was rooting for Will during the first mission.
    However, it is a choreographed show. Today’s (Aug 20th) snow mission, the announcer said in the beginning something to the effect of “if this was a real training mission, they would be wearing full head gear”. I’ve played paintball, and I would assume they mean a paintball style helm that would protect the bones of the face.
    To get to the point, read this review… I was EXTREMELY excited for this show, but since it is choreographed, I’m really not interested in it anymore.


    1. Anon,
      I read this review by a non-qualified TV critic before the first show and after watching the first show realized this Mike Hale would not know military tactics if they bounced off his head like a simunition. From talking to Will personally and watching the show I did not get a feel of scripted or choreographed. They did mention in the opening of both shows that they “wear eye-pro but in normal training scenarios they would be wearing full headgear.” I took that is their disclaimer meaning the same as “don’t try this at home or in your military training exercise, nothing more than that.

  2. Hi Bouhammer,
    Anon here again. I just listened to your interview with Will Willis on (episode #52). I understand that from talking to Will, you feel the show is not choreographed/scripted and I agree with you. However, I’m still curious about this simunition. I looked on the simunition website (I assume they are using the FX cartridges), but the fps is pretty high (360 – 400 fps). Since Will is going to be interviewed again, would you be able to ask Will more about the simunition and why they are not wearing full head and throat gear. I’m very curious about this.
    Thanks very much.

  3. They are not scripting the show. He is playing it out as best he can being that he is only one person conducting missions that usually has a lot more of us doing.
    The “UTM” sim rounds hurt like hell but they wont do much more than sting your pride unless it hits you in the eye. Hence the eye pro. Head gear is not always required. In fact I have never worn it. Minimum training standard is eye protection.

  4. Even if the show is scripted, the show still points out how much our operators have to know as well as shedding a little light on what they go through.

    Most of the operators that I have had the pleasure working with are far smater than the average man. Brains are their best weapons which this show points out. It’s good to see a show that protrays actual operators in a intelligent, instinctive, and no fear light, instead of the Hollywood Chuck Norris way.

  5. I have become a big fan of Willis. My friends were sceptical until he went down in the snow. Anyway, I am very interested in finding the eye-pro he wears. Can you help me out? Thanks R Hotel

  6. I think this latest episode was the best. The episode that I am talking about is the one where he has to rescue a downed pilot, destroy a dirty bomb, and exfil with SA-7’s. Freaking awesome!

    Bouhammer, one question for you and hopefully you can help. WW has 15 years of experiance, why didn’t he stay for the full twenty and get the bennies? Just wondering, I know he’s doing well now with the check he gets from the show but that’s not going to last forever. My guess is because of how demanding that line of work is. Another guess is that he maybe not medically able to be and active operator. Any information would be helpful here. Thanks.

    Joker Whiskey out

  7. This is one awsome show Wil is one guy i would want coming after me if i were in trouble i only hope that they dont cancel the show keep making new episods one of the best shows i have to watch good luck.

  8. Even though the issue of it being choreographed might or might not be obvious, the issue of complete boredom would be in place if it was not somewhat staged. It seems that the producers of the show made it difficult for the OPFOR to sit around and wait for Will to appear by making situations in certain time frames to take place. This is choreography somewhat, but it would be really boring if certain things like having to halt a search for Will, to receive a weapons shipment, or hostages, etc, did not take place. As a former Marine, I am rooting for the other Marines on the show, but, Will is indeed an “Operator”, and Chase Rivera has to call on all of his 4th Force Recon experience to have a chance against Wil. Excellent show, but I have only seen I think four of the six shows.

  9. ………….oh yeah, for those of you who are not Military, the 1st letter of both first and last names put to the Military Alphabet, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc., Whiskey Whiskey stands for “W”ill “W”illis, and for John Doe, it would be “J”uilian “D”elta. FYI.

  10. I hope that I can watch this program. OPS mission seems very interesting. The story comprised of action and inspirational scenes. I like inspirational shows, yet not those boring ones. I think this is fun to watch.

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