On Frontline with British Troops

This morning, one of the editors from the Guardian UK contacted me to let me know about the video at the link below. I must say that I am flattered they thought of me enough to reach out and let me know about this.

Unfortunately there is no way to embed their video so you have to go to the link to view it and I encourage you to do so. The video is a compilation of footage shot by Sean Smith while he was with the British Army during Operation Panther Claw. It shows some great footage of what our coalition partners are going through and how they can get as frustrated with the ANA as the US forces can.

This video is worth the 10 minutes of time it takes to watch it.



2 thoughts on “On Frontline with British Troops”

  1. Do the absent fallen enemy bodies raise questions? How can you be in a firefight for days and then not even find blood, not to mention bodies? Did the British government issue ammunition with real bullets or is this a training/adrenaline issue? Sorry to be so calloused but a picture of a bobby armed with a stick comes to mind.

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