McChrystal Orders new Driving Practices in Afghanistan-UPDATED

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander, General Stanley McChrystal, has issued a directive stating his requirements for all ISAF personnel to adhere to appropriate legal driving procedures and behavior in Afghanistan.

“The manner in which ISAF forces interact with and treat the Afghan people directly correlates to our ability to earn their trust and support. ISAF forces are highly conspicuous when travelling in vehicles and I expect ISAF members to drive in ways that respect the safety and well-being of the Afghan people,” said General McChrystal.

In his guidance, McChrystal emphasizes safe driving to be an essential ingredient in the successful prosecution of the ISAF mission. “Safe and considerate driving represents a visible and tangible sign of our commitment to the people of Afghanistan,” General McChrystal said.

The Theatre Driving Principles direct ISAF personnel to adhere to safe driving practices, such as respecting Afghan traffic rules and regulations, driving at an appropriate speed, and driving defensively. It is the responsibility of every member in the chain of command to encourage and reinforce a culture of safe driving with ISAF, the directive concludes.

**BOUHAMMER NOTE- If you have been to Afghanistan or even if you haven’t, but you have a loved one there, I am curious as to what you think of this new directive. Is this the right approach, or putting our men and women at too much risk?

UPDATE-If you would like to read a little about how bad the Afghan people drive, check out

If you would like to see how bad they drive, check out

6 thoughts on “McChrystal Orders new Driving Practices in Afghanistan-UPDATED”

  1. You asked so I’ll answer. I think this is “PC” bullsh*t

    My son sent this video shortly after his arrival in Afghanistan last year to demonstrate how CRAZY people drive there.

    Hazards of driving in Afghanistan. Jalalabad road in Kabul is the main road servicing Camp Phoenix.

  2. Well we all know where this directive is coming from, I think that you will have a better chance driving through Mid-Town NYC during lunch hour with your gun truck without incident then with this piece of S::t directive. I dont understand what this is about…THE AFGHANS HAVE NO TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT!!! WTF

  3. MEMO to All ISAF Troops.

    Proper turn signals will be used at all times – including when dodging IED’s. There will be no exceptions.

    We must remember that we are “guests in this country” and must treat our hosts with the same respect we would want if (or should I say when) the situation is reversed.

    Afghanistan is good – by order of the commander.

    Hooooah !

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