Firefights can happen in Medical Clinics too

A US Soldier was killed in the last day during a TIC (firefight) in the southeastern Paktika town of Sar Hawza clinic. There were 12 Taliban killed also during the fight.

One US soldier and 12 Taliban militants were killed in a firefight in eastern Afghanistan after Afghan and US forces attacked a clinic where a wounded Taliban commander was seeking medical treatment, officials said Thursday.

Afghan security forces got information that the militants had taken one of their wounded commanders to a clinic in Sar Hawza, a district in the south-eastern province of Paktika Wednesday, Hamidullah Zewak, spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

The Afghan and US forces supported the police, who came under fire from the militants barricaded inside the clinic after they tried to enter the medical facility, he said, adding that 12 militants were killed when US forces conducted an airstrike. The NATO-led international forces confirmed that their forces used an AH64 Apache helicopter to end the threat ‘after ensuring the clinic was cleared of civilians’.

The statement said that the insurgent leader was wounded during the Aug 20 elections. The militants conducted more than 130 attacks on election day throughout the country that left more than 30 Afghan civilians and security forces dead.

Although the attacks did not disrupt the elections, they caused a lower turnout in the country’s second direct presidential polls.
The NATO statement did not mention any Taliban casualties in Wednesday’s firefight but said the targeted insurgent leader and six associates were killed. A US soldier was killed during the firefight, the alliance confirmed.

It was interesting for me to hear that this TIC happened in a medical clinic because that is exactly what happened once with me in 2007. 

In fact it was one of the last missions I was ever on. I write about it HERE on April 1st, 2007. After the attack the Afghan Police took their wounded to the village clinic as did the enemy fighters. While in the clinic, both groups saw each other and started the battle all over again right in the middle of the clinic and innocent civilians. When it was all said and done, there was an enemy fighter killed, and their leader severely wounded. Had both sides not taken their wounded to the same clinic, then this leader would have never been caught.

I was personally glad about this capture (of the guy in the picture below). For this guy was the leader of the enemy cell in the area that was responsible for the IEDs on the route that I was hit on Sept 9th, and Nov 5th 2006. Plus multiple other attacks against my unit on that same route. Needless to say I had some satisfaction in watching this guy suffer in pain.


Wounded Taliban leader being treated by US medics on grounds of Paktika Governor’s compound. This guys had multiple gun shot wounds and ended up losing his left arm due to the damage done to it.

6 thoughts on “Firefights can happen in Medical Clinics too”

  1. I really hate that the shoot out happened at a medical clinic since my hubby will be working in one of these eventually. However I am glad the captured that bad guy!!

    1. No worries Alicia. Clinics where this happen are staffed by only Afghans. Anytime Americans go into a clinic, there is a blanket of security on the place and the Taliban would never try to go in there or start anything.

  2. Scary.
    Ironic that they chose to do this in a place where people go to be healed. There are no boundaries to those who want to do inflict senseless violence. Afghans or not, I hope that the medical teams are going to be okay. Though I’d assume right now they’re walking on pins & needles.

    In my experience, though, hospital violence even here in the US is not unheard of. ER’s have in the past, as well as in clinics and hospitals have been the scene of many a fight. In fact The Hubs was attacked in a hospital hall way once, right in the middle of a suburb.
    .-= the kitchen dispatch´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Wow, my old stomping ground as a police mentor. One of our districts that we mentored in 08-09. Glad I am out there. That Police Chief was killed in May by IED. I am glad we are out of there

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