Bouhammer at Blog World Expo

I am so glad to announce that again this year I will be a panelist at the main blogging conference in the country. It is called Blog World Expo. Last year the annual milblog conference was held in conjunction with the expo, and I was afforded the opportunity to be a panelist then. Just to give you an idea on the numbers that attend this conference, in 2008 there were over 280 speakers, over 15,000 in attendance and over 92 million people that watched on the internet.

This year we moved the annual Milblog Conference back to Washington DC, which we held in April. However Blog World Expo wanted to have dedicated milblog track so there are several panels chaired and ran by milbloggers on the first day of the conference.

Tramadol Prescriptions Online I am honored and flattered to be sitting on a panel called Getting The Picture:  What’s Next for Milblogs? The description of the panel is below.

Audience demands and demographics are changing.  New technologies are emerging that, according to some, make blogs as much dinosaurs as print technology.  What does the future hold for milblogs?  Come join a panel of milbloggers and social media gurus as they discuss the future of milblogging. I am sitting on this panel with some very esteemed bloggers and good friends. With me on this panel is my partner-in-crime on Blog and Radio show, CJ Grisham. Also my very close friend and brother-in-arms, Scott Kesterson who writes several blogs and is the director and film-maker of the acclaimed documentary, At War. The highly respected Scott Henderson from is also sitting on the panel with us. Last, and certainly not least the panel is being moderated by my good friend and MilBlog Master, Matt Burden from Blackfive. There are many panels over the three days, and I encourage you to click on the graphic below to learn more about the conference and see the entire schedule. However the milblog track is what is close to my heart and besides the panel I am on, the others are ; They Also Serve:  Spouse Bloggers, Best Milblogs You’ve Never Read, Milblogs:  Not Your Standard News Source. You should check out the breakdown of the other panels and see if your favorite milblogger in going to be on a panel at If you are going to attend or live in the Las Vegas area, be sure and drop me a line at and let me know. You can follow the Blog World Expo on Twitter at bug

1 thought on “Bouhammer at Blog World Expo”

  1. Thank you for the post and the link but most of all Thank you for your service. We are very pleased to have you back with us again this year and all of the milbloggers who are near and dear to our hearts as well.

    Order Tramadol Cheap Overnight One of the most rewarding things people say to me at BlogWorld is “I didn’t know there was such a think as a milblog”

    Everyone should know about you and your brothers and sisters who not only serve but go an extra step and share your experience with all of us through your blogs.

    Thank you again for all you do.

    See you in October. Drinks are on me.

    CEO & Founder
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo
    .-= Rick Calvert´s last blog ..Blogger Sponsorship for Conferences Part III: Your Proposal =-.

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