Big Bouhammer Gear Store Announcements

Announcement #1

I am glad to announce that that we have a sale on all Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirts that have all proceeds going to four awesome charities that they support (Fisher House, Not Alone, Soldier’s Angels and Books For Soldiers). Vision Strike Wear has been kind enough to cut into their costs in order to make these shirts more affordable but also keep the same amount of money going to the charities. and Vision Strike Wear realizes that this economy is hitting everyone hard and just based on the poll I put up today we see from the readers of this blog that many like the designs but cannot necessarily afford to splurge on the T-shirts. In order to help raise more money for the shirts we are doing what we can to lower the cost and make them more affordable and hopefully more attractive to all.

From now until the end of August the price of the Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirts is down from $22.95 to $19.95.

 photo shirt1  yhst-42000695909641_2067_72094728


Announcement #2

We now have available for sale in the Bouhammer Gear Store, an awesome new collection of giftware.  10% of all sales of anything in the Giftware section will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

We have four different designs of Skull Banks that are 6.5" inch hand painted resin and very sharp looking money banks. They represent the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Check them out today in the Bouhammer Gear Store near the bottom of the page.

MARN_Giftware_skullsAF_Giftware_skulls NAVY_Giftware_skulls yhst-42000695909641_2062_20222317


Announcement #3

In addition to the money banks we also have available some hot and eye-catching figurines that are tailored to represent some of the different services. There are two Marine styles (Grunt and Dress Uniform), an Army Commando, a Navy Submarine Girl and a Navy Seal. These are also hand-painted resin figurines that will make the perfect gift for the warrior you know or for yourself. To check them out and place your order, head to the Bouhammer Gear Store and scroll to the bottom to see all the styles. If you click on the pictures, it will open up a much larger version so you can see and appreciate the detail of each figurine.

commando ping classaslippery yhst-42000695909641_2062_20234301

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