Another Example of Election Day Violence

I don’t care who you are, and some of you read this blog, but if you think we (the coalition) are terrible monsters because we may accidently hit the wrong Kulat or shoot at a vehicle that appears to be running a road block and the enemy is not doing this then you need to do us all a favor and quit stealing oxygen. Leave it for the rest of us with common sense.

The enemy is ruthless, heartless and uncaring. They kill at a whim and don’t care who they kill. The other day a person commented on my blog post titled The Difference between the US and the Taliban. She has tried to argue that we (the big Ugly Americans) whom fight and die to protect her ass are the bad boys on the Afghanistan block. That we are bullies and we need to get out of Afghanistan. She quotes ex-Australian military officer David Kilcullen’s testimony to Congress when he threw out some unsubstantiated number on the number of civilians killed (700) by unmanned drones and that we only killed 14 Al-Queda leaders. Hmm, it seems to me that if this was the case the Human Rights groups all over the world would be jumping up and down screaming. The UN would be investigating, etc.,  etc. Kilcullen may be a smart guy, or at least Petreaus thinks so, but I think his numbers are Babulah (that is Pasto for bullshit). We have killed senior leader, after senior leader in the Taliban and the AQI from our drones in Pakistan. It isn’t our fault they surround themselves with innocent people or their family members. Shame on them, the blood is on their hands. If those Taliban leaders don’t want their families harmed, then they should not hang around them until they know we aren’t looking for them anymore. To the point of this posting, well the point is I want to inform you of the following article that highlights another example of election day violence. Another example of the enemy indiscriminately killing innocent Afghans, another example of why we are there. The enemy we fight respects the Quran less than the National Association of Atheists (if there is such a group). I say this because if they did read and respect the Quran then they would not go about blowing up and killing innocent Afghans, especially children.

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