An Effective Strategy, by the Taliban

So the other day the Taliban conveniently left out a code of conduct in some houses that our forces raided saying how they need to be more careful not to hurt or kill civilians.

Suicide attacks should be used only at high and important targets … Utmost efforts should be made to avoid civilian casualties…


Thankfully most outside of Afghanistan realize this is just a ploy on the ill-informed people of Afghanistan. I hope most inside Afghanistan don’t believe it because they are still operating under the normal modus operandi and there are several who are calling them out, like right here.

The booklet makes clear that Taliban forces should “try their best to avoid killing local people,” he noted. “Well, let me tell you that the reality on the ground doesn’t reflect this at all,” Tremblay said, noting that insurgents have killed 450 innocent Afghans and injured more than 1,000 others since January.

And in fact some in the supposed “Taliban” organization are going as far as saying that they will not disrupt the elections and will allow them to happen, but everyone is throwing the BS flag on this one.

Including some of their own people who have come out and stated they are focusing on the elections and how to disrupt them.

The quote below comes from the story here.

The Taliban urged Afghans on Thursday to stay away from the Aug. 20 elections, threatening to block the roads to polling stations and dismissing the balloting as an "American process."

Just this evening we are seeing reports of five rockets slamming into downtown Kabul at daybreak. Does that sound like a code of conduct to protect innocent civilians? No, because protecting innocent civilians goes into the face of what they are trying to accomplish. What the Taliban wants to do is to scare the civilian populous to think that the Afghanistan government and all of the coalition members combined cannot provide them safety and security. The Taliban wants to make the people think there is no safety, that having coalition members all over the place does no good, and that the Government has no control.

It is in their best interest to kill as many innocents as they can. It is also in their best interest to do as much as they can between now and August 20th to make the people of Afghanistan as afraid as possible from going to the polls. The Taliban are bullies, and the Afghan people are the pencil-necked little weakling that always gets shaken down for lunch money. If the weakling sees the bully on the sidewalk and if he knows that if he goes outside he will get beat up, then he won’t go outside.

If the Afghan people think there are IEDs, bombs and be-headings waiting for them if they try to vote, then they won’t vote. Overall it is a child-like mentality, but a very effective strategy.

It is one that we need to counter, but I am not sure how that can be done in time. Even if all the forces were focusing on getting ready for the elections and helping to protect the people, I am not sure we have enough troops there to do it. But to be honest, not all the forces are focusing on that. A large contingent of Marines, British and Afghan forces are engaged in some major battles and operations in the south. In the East most, if not all, coalition forces are looking for a soldier that is in the enemy’s custody. Yes, even though you have heard nothing else on the MSM about it lately, Bowe Bergdahl is still missing and still in the enemy’s control.

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