Was He Pushing the Odds?-UPDATED



UPDATE- NEW PICTURE of SFC Fabrizi from Afghanistanmail

Did Sergeant First Class Jason Fabrizi push the odds? Did he do more than his part?

Jason Fabrizi was killed in Afghanistan last week on his fourth combat tour of duty. Four times this man, this soldier, this father, this husband, this son, this leader has walked into the gates of hell and even though he has walked out of it three times before, this time he didn’t.

This time the son of a retired Marine Master Sergeant and a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant was not so lucky. He had three tours in Iraq and was on this fourth tour this time in Afghanistan when his patrol was ambushed.

I look at soldiers who have never done a combat tour, but whom are eligible for one and those that only have one tour and then I look at a soldier like Jason who was on a fourth tour. Did he push it too far? Did he do more than his part? Either way I think he is a hell of a man and an American for serving and doing one combat tour, much less four.

Last week the SecDef stated that the thinks America is tired of war and the soldiers are tired and can’t keep going. I ask the SecDef to look at men like Jason Fabrizi and tell me if he was tired? I don’t think so, I think he was an American, an American that knew freedom has a price and that price is being away from family and home a lot. Sometimes it has the ultimate price, which Jason has now paid.

The next time you see or hear of a conscious objector or see a code pinko or some other person who has never walked in the boots of a soldier and says we have no reason to be in Afghanistan, don’t just remind them of the images of 9/11/01, but show them the image of this man and those like him and tell them he was there because they were too much of a chicken*** to raise their hand and be there themselves.

The bottom line is that he is making up for the many that refuse to serve in the military or worse yet, refuse to deploy.


God Speed Jason, I hope your family and your kids know that your service and your sacrifice is not lost on deaf ears. We are a better place and our country is a leader in the world because of great men like you.

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  1. Wow another dedicated warrior who gave his ALL!! You are so right about those that say we should not be in Astan and go around shouting s _ _ t that they know nothing about. I know there are some people that just are not military material or have other careers that keep them from the military but my heart goes out to ALL of our troops for all the sacrificies they make and to their families who also suffer from the separation issues. Jason Fabrizi is a hero in my book and God needs heros so he is in good hands!!

  2. Thank you for honoring such a fine young man. There are so many others that are doing such a fine job that they all deserve the CMoH for all their heroism not only to their country, but to each other; a stronger brotherhood you will never find! I made some really good friends in several of the services while I was in the Air Force and I will never forget my commrades and would fight next to them in a heartbeat!! These are men with whom I have worked, I am a woman, Airman, who would fight tooth and nail for my fellow soldier.

  3. “I try to live each day to honor them all.”

    Amen, Flag Gazer. Having racked my brains trying to come up with something real to honor the cost, I can think of nothing else to do that seems real to me, except to, “Love my neighbor as myself”, so as to do my tiny bit to try to make America worthy of the cost.

    God’s comfort and peace upon those SFC Fabrizi left behind.

  4. Another true American hero that has made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m truly thankful for fellow soldiers like SFC Fabrizi.

    I can only hope that the average American realizes and appreciates what real dedication and sacrifice is.

    Live Free or Die Trying!

  5. I just found out today that I had lost another friend and brother. I was fortunate to serve with Jason in the 82nd…We both arrived to our first duty assignment the same day…D co, 2/325th A.I.R…2nd Plt. and became friends instantly. Jason was one of the most dedicated and highly motivated men I knew. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Brother.. You will be missed! Jono

  6. SFC Fabrizi was the best leader I have ever had… while we were at JRTC he asked the platoon who was afraid to go to afganistan, without hesitation I raised my hand. I was was the only lowere enlisted that had been deployed before… SFC Fabrizi took me aside and said “Doc i’m damn good at my job and i will be there to take care of you”

    Working under SFC Fabrizi was an honnor.

  7. I was at one time Jason’s mother-in-law and am the grandmother to 2 of his children Jason A. and Tyler. The oldest Jason A. has had a rough time with the loss of his Dad. I remind him every day what a hero his Dad was and still is in my book. The world need more men like Sgt. Jason Fabrizi and the world will never be the same with out him in it. I could not have picked a greater guy to have has the father of my two grandsons. I want to just say Thank You Jason for the sacrifice that you made and I know that you have earned you Angel wings and are watching over your family. Love and miss you son.

    1. Dora, Thank you for your comment and thank you for your family’s sacrifice for our country. We are forever indebted to all of Jason’s family for his sacrifice and service.

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