The Army likes to keep us on our toes by changing up their acronyms every once in a while. I also think they do this to distance themselves from history when acronyms are linked with certain parts of history. Today the army calls is DUSTWUN and it stands for Duty Status-Whereabouts Unknown. They can call it whatever they want, but it is MIA, Missing in Action.

And that is what we have this morning, an American soldier who has been missing in action since Tuesday in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan (Bouhammer’s old area of Operation). Missing In Action, it is not a term of Vietnam, it is a term of the military so lets call it what it is and lets pray with all we have that our brave men and women, who are desperately trying to find this soldier, do so before anything happens to him. For us as Americans sitting back here in the US, even those of us that are soldiers, that is all we can do right now.

UPDATE #1- Military officials in Afghanistan have been quoted to say that the soldier “walked” off of his base two days ago.

UPDATE #2- Taliban spokesman is saying they have the soldier in their custody along with 3 ANA soldiers.

UPDATE#3- Sources are telling me that the MIA soldier is from Active Duty Army and not a TF Phoenix soldier.

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