It is that time again, Get $400 off a Custom Unit shirt

My buddies over at again have their monthly promotion that is supported by What this promotion does is provide to any unit or group (company, platoon, embedded team, etc.) a chance to design and have made a custom unit shirt for cheaper than it would cost them otherwise. Soldier’s Angels will cover the first $400 of the costs for the designing and creation of the shirts. The rest is up to the unit. This $400 is a large part of what the total bill would be, so it only leaves a little bit for the unit to incur (costs depend on the complexity and number of colors in the design)

The total number of shirts has to be less than 48.

The unit can be any branch of the military.

The unit can be stateside or deployed overseas.

Soldiers Angels will get a donation of 5.00 for each additional t-shirt sold after initial order.

The first unit that puts money down on the order at the beginning of each month wins!

This is limited to one unit a month and July is open to the first unit to commit.

So if you or your group/unit are looking to have a customized shirt made, then head over to and make contact with the guys over there to start the process. Remember this is first come, first serve at the beginning of each month.

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