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I am very happy to say how proud and honored I am to have announced as one of Matt Burden’s Top 10 blogs he reads. In case you don’t know who Matt is, he is the founder of the largest milblog on the web,

Matt is a regular guest on Fox News, in fact just this last week he was on the Glenn Beck show. Matt is also on the Board of Trustees at Soldier’s Angels, and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Warrior Legacy Foundation. Last but not least, Matt is the author of The Blog of War: Front-Line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I consider Matt a good friend and even though we are friends I am still blown away by having this site named one of his top 10 blogs that he reads. He knows a lot of people in the blog world and his site, averages a very impressive daily readership in the tens of thousands.

In addition to the blogs listed in the link below Matt also had a few honorable mentions which did not get listed in the article. His honorable mentions are also all really good milblogs, most of which I have been a regular reader of:

Sorority Soldier is a female soldier in Iraq.  Her job as broadcast journalist allows to observe quite a bit of interesting situations in country.

Doc H’s International Adventure is written by a Navy doctor in Afghanistan who blogs about the trials and tribulations of training Afghans medical personnel.

Army of Dude was nominated two years in a row for Best Military Blog.  Alex Horton, it’s founder, did a tour in Iraq and is now back home writing about his memories of Iraq and commenting on current military actions.  I am a fan of his Military Movie Review Haiku.

Afghanistan My Last Tour is written by a senior Air Force sergeant embedded in an Afghan unit.  He writes of his life in Afghanistan teaching, training and mentoring.


To see Matt’s entire Top 10 list, check out

4 thoughts on “In the Top 10”

  1. I’m so glad to hear snippits about Scott Kesterson. I do understand that when you guys go “missing from the web” for awhile it’s because you’re all working hard, no matter where you are. But, still that one “mothering heartstring” wants ALL of you to be ok. And to that, do you know how Vampire 6 is doing?? I know from his site they were supposed to come home and Blue said they were leaving as he was landing. So, I’m hoping he and his guys are getting a well deserved rest. If you have contact with him, please let him know there are those who still care that he’s well and safe … and dear god not eating flies anymore! And YOU, sir, are also on my top 5!!! Good work, thank you for your honesty. — Ria

  2. Yeppers, what Ria and Brat said…

    I can understand Matt having such a hard time choosing just the top 10. I would be hard pressed to stop with 40-50. I can’t help but think that the more voices we read in the various places will give everyone a broader view of the “big picture”. not just the top ten views.
    Still, I’m glad to see that you and Old Blue made it on Matt’s list. Well deserved, IMHO.

    Soooo… Where’s or rather who’s on your Top TEN?
    .-= Ky Woman´s last blog ..Keeping Up With The Jones’s… =-.

  3. Well deserved Troy for all of your tireless work regarding all things Aghanisatan. I was amazed to discover (not suprised) but certainly amazed, that you managed to particpate in the recent Blogger’s Rountable, get your question in but had no time to hear the answer because you had to focus on your civvie job.Great work. Do you ever sleep?
    .-= membrain´s last blog ..Highway of Heroes =-.

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