Don’t Let Them Die in Vain

Apparently we never learn our lessons. Take a look at,2933,529788,00.html and you will see that thanks to McChrystal’s new “fight friendlier” campaign we are not utilizing our combat multipliers like close air support and indirect fire. Somehow this has become a positive talking point.

The Marines have used no indirect fire as they move into position — meaning no artillery and no bombs have been dropped from the air — all part of an effort to avoid civilian casualties, Pelletier said.

I guess the military leadership has forgotten the lessons of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia and Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan (2002) where not having these assets caused us to lose good American soldiers.

Not to take a swipe at my Marine brothers, but you know they tried this “fight friendlier” campaign in 2004 when they took over the Anbar Province in Iraq from the 82nd Airborne, and look where that got them in Ramadi in April of that year. They were not ready for such an intense and prolonged battle in an area that they had been saying they would patrol the streets among the people in a peaceful manner.

Please GEN McChrystal, do not allow more Marines and Soldiers to die in vain in order to appease the crooked and piece of crap leadership of Afghanistan. I know you are a smart and experienced leader but do what your gut says to do and not what a civilian or a corrupt piece of crap like Karzai is telling you to do.

PLEASE, Don’t let them die in vain.

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  1. I believe that Obama really wants us to look like we are fighting to win, but to do it in such a way that we either win unnecessarily bloodily or don’t win at all. I believe he has a long term plan to weaken popular support for our military and to strengthen his Civilian Police Force.

    I use to hesitate to say what my heart and head told me he was up to, but no longer do I do that. It is all happening at such a rapid pace. I am not sure that GEN McChrystal is in a position to do what he’d really prefer to do. But, I hope he is strong and wise enough to give it a good shot.
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  2. Minorcan Maven, three questions:

    1. Which police force are you referring to? As far as I’m aware, the President isn’t actually in command of one.

    2. What makes you think he wants to weaken support for the military?

    3. What would he have to gain from weakening support for the military?
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  3. Back to basics like my good bud BOUHAMMER and I always talk about. Reinforce TF Phoenix and their training teams, sync with SPEC OPS on their FID missions, allow ANA/ANP co-located training sites with same amount of pay and equipment, make ANP paramilitary force. Let NATO deal with narco issues and allow us to get back to kicking ass again with indirect and CAS. From someone who has been there a few times! MT

  4. First off, I’m not from a military family. I just appreciate our military, my whole family does. And these are just my opinions…no offense meant. You can think I’m a quack, I ‘d rather be wrong than right about this.

    1. He has the (I believe its an Executive Order in place if memory serves) legal paperwork in place to start his civilian police force. He expanded something Bush had on the books, after 9/11. He spoke of his intention on campaign trail, it was one of the first things he “expanded” when he came to office. Just hasn’t moved it forward. Even Obama can only do so much at once. I am QUITE sure that he will give it a go. UNLESS somehow the wheels of popularity fall off his bus. Rahm is alos big fan of such a force and on the record as such,

    2. Did you forget his brush off when he was on the campaign trail, when he was originally scheduled to see troops, couldn’t take peeps with him for pics, then oops, not enough time anymore. Then, let’s see…trying to screw Vets even more on health care when his moving boxes weren’t even unpacked yet. That didn’t go over well at all. But, funny thing is I just read on Fox Nation this a.m. that Vet are losing more and more hospitals. Making it harder and harder for many to receive treatment. In spite of the fact that billions were added to their budget. Looks good, sounds good, end result what Obama wants. ALSO, he was on record during campaign by saying if we went to draft it should be for young men AND women. I believe his goal is to make a VOLUNTEER military life so UNdesireable, that a draft becomes necessary. Such a thing TOTALLY changes public perception and make-up of military. Very different thing to welcome volunteer men and women, than to DRAFT unwanting, feet dragging, stomach churning men and women who are maybe not best suited for military life.

    3. Why do I think he wants it? because he won’t feel threatened by a different type of military. A military filled with angst because of pressure not only from the nature of war, but from people who don’t want to be in it, and families that resent their loved ones being drafted and not even able to get good medical care. THEN when he has his civilian police force (which he CLEARLY said during campaign on more than 1 occasion should be as strong as our military, as large and equipped) and he wants to stay in office longer than we want to vote him in, even with ACORN’s help, he won’t feel so threatened.

    Did you also know that he is on the record as being not such a fan of suburbs? Has people in place and policies/$ in place to shrink down cities that are “unsustainable” (so sick of that word) To bulldoze down what they think isn’t worth keeping, bring everybody to the center where it’s more manageable.

    I know…I hate being the nerd who is typing this…but, these are observations from regular routine news sources. I just happen to pay more attention than some. Most people are too busy to pay much attention to news. It’s hit and miss. When you are able to put all the pieces together the picture doesn’t lie.

    I know it’s not cool for you in the military to think or welcome this opinion…I won’t be getting on my soap box here anymore…I just wanted to give you something to think about. Just the possibility.

    God bless! Happy Indepedance Day!

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