Apparently we never learn our lessons. Take a look at,2933,529788,00.html and you will see that thanks to McChrystal’s new “fight friendlier” campaign we are not utilizing our combat multipliers like close air support and indirect fire. Somehow this has become a positive talking point.

The Marines have used no indirect fire as they move into position — meaning no artillery and no bombs have been dropped from the air — all part of an effort to avoid civilian casualties, Pelletier said.

I guess the military leadership has forgotten the lessons of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia and Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan (2002) where not having these assets caused us to lose good American soldiers.

Not to take a swipe at my Marine brothers, but you know they tried this “fight friendlier” campaign in 2004 when they took over the Anbar Province in Iraq from the 82nd Airborne, and look where that got them in Ramadi in April of that year. They were not ready for such an intense and prolonged battle in an area that they had been saying they would patrol the streets among the people in a peaceful manner.

Please GEN McChrystal, do not allow more Marines and Soldiers to die in vain in order to appease the crooked and piece of crap leadership of Afghanistan. I know you are a smart and experienced leader but do what your gut says to do and not what a civilian or a corrupt piece of crap like Karzai is telling you to do.

PLEASE, Don’t let them die in vain.