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Teflon Don is a long time blogger that I have a loose connection with via The Sandbox. This soldier/writer has a heck of a way with words. He does not post as much anymore but when he does they are something to read. The  one he has up now is about a friend of his who has gotten himself into trouble. It serves as an example of how things go wrong when a returning combat vet does not get the help he needs. It is called Shadows of War. I encourage you to click below and read it.


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  1. This story breaks my heart. I hope this young man gets the help he needs; it’s obvious he suffers from PTSD. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, it is neither a crime nor a sin to need therapy, meds, or both to help deal with the mental issues caused by such things as being the sole survivor of an IED blast that killed everybody else in the vehicle. It IS, however, both a sin and a shame that our Warriors are made to feel they can’t ask for help without endangering their careers.

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