My name is PFC ****** ******* and SFC Jason Fabrizi was my Platoon Sergeant and much, much more.  He was also the platoon daddy as we often called him. He was a great friend and somebody we could always come and talk to when ever we had something on our mind. I loved the man like a father.

He loved GFT and wrestling, well actually just about any sport. He often spent his day making sure my platoon had everything we needed and everything was set for us.
He mocked me a few times for being in the marching band in high school but he always looked at me as a brave American infantryman, as everybody in my platoon is.
He had a personality that was so great that after speaking with him for 10 minutes you thought you knew the man forever. He was a great soldier, so great that he made it threw Special Forces selection course, but was never selected. I would have followed that man into the gates of hell itself. I never would have questioned him if he decided we needed to go there.

He was an honorable man, and we all respected him and loved him.