A.L.L.; Know your IEDs

I have a new posting up over at one of my other blogs, Afghanistan Lessons Learned. This one deals with knowing the common types of IEDs you may hit depending on the type of route you are on. It is called Know Your IEDs.

You can check it out at http://afghanlessons.blogspot.com/2009/07/know-your-ieds.html


1 thought on “A.L.L.; Know your IEDs”

  1. I appreciate you doing all that you do for our Soldier’s. Because of my work, I am meeting many mom’s with son’s getting ready to deploy for the first time. A lot of those mom’s feel a need to help so by them passing this link on to their son they feel better and also this insight you so thoughtfuly share, can and will save live’s I am sure. I am just thankful,..Their’s a guy like you keeping watch.
    AKA Army Infantry Mom

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