Anyone that has read this blog for a while knows that for the last three years I have been spouting off about how each year for the last three years is going to be the worse yet. I said it in 2007 and it came true, I said it in 2008 and it came true, and I said it in 2009 and so far we are right on track.

I have usually made these statements in the first 2 months of the year based on the number of fatalities during those first two “quiet” months as just one factor. CJCS Mullen and GEN Petraeus have also stated that they believe this will be the worst year yet also.

Yesterday it was announced that IED attacks are up 80% over last year and we just entered the month of June. The real heavy duty fighting has not even started yet.

Well speaking of Gen Petraeus, he was recently on NPR talking about how the attack in Farah province last month was not as bad as reported by the MSM or stated by the corrupt Afghan government. He repeated, with facts what GEN McKiernan stated just days after the attack about the inflated numbers by the Afghans and the MSM.

You can hear read the story and link to the audio of Gen Petraeus at

I see his official statements in this interview as vindication for Gen McKeirnan and justifies why he said what he said, which contradicted what the POTUS and Sec of State appeared to say.

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