Troy and CJ are very happy to announce two big things about tonight’s show. First we now have a 3rd person joining us in the hosting and running of this show. It is Marcus who not only blogs regularly on CJ’s site at, but he also blogs at the blog too. Marcus has been friends with CJ and Troy for a while and the three have a good working relationship. Marcus will be joining the show primarily in the capacity of Producer. He will take over the primary duties of running the switchboard and participating in the chat so Troy and CJ can focus on guests, the live blogging and other aspects of running the show.

The second big announcement tonight is that we will have our first serving General Officer on the show. CJ has worked hard to line up GEN Peter Chiarelli, who is the Vice Chief of Staff for the US Army. GEN Chiarelli is currently leading up major efforts to counter the alarming rise in soldier suicides and is spearheading efforts to deal with soldier mental issues that are going on today. You can read more about GEN Chiarelli here at