Great Words from 1LT Brian Bradshaw

I wrote a post on Saturday titled “Someone More Important than Michael Jackson Died” which has turned into an extremely popular posting based on the website traffic I am seeing. I have had many family and friends of Brian Bradshaw leave comments to that posting for which I am humbled and grateful.

I did not know Brian and for that I am sorry. But I wrote that he was someone more important because of the sacrifice he had made. Of course it is not just Brian, but every single American that has laid their life down in sacrifice to this country. It just happened that Brian left this earth on the same day as Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

I didn’t know Brian but through the comments on that blog post I have gotten to know him better. One of those comments was from Brian’s parents where they posted a quote from this mighty young man and warrior. I didn’t want this very insightful quote to be lost so I am re-posting it here for all to see, because I think all of you need to. His words speak volumes and exemplifies the character of not only Brian but also thousands of Great Americans that are, have or are supporting those who serve this country every single day.


Service is the foundation of life. Without service, our life’s have the same impact and meaning as a stick lying on the ground. No one remembers the sticks stepped on in the woods, but everyone remembers the flowers they see and smell in the meadow. If we serve and work throughout our life we will be like the flower that everyone remembers and always comes back. In our memory many more, especially those that we touched during our life will carry on the legacy of service, thus we had a positive impact on others and life had meaning. The whole meaning of life is to pass on to others that which we value most and what I value is service and throughout the rest of my life I will serve the community of my brethren to the best of my ability.” Brian Bradshaw 2002

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  1. outstanding quote and i will miss him so very much even if i don’t know him like you.. i always pray for our warriors.. my army bf is over there right now and it is always good to talk to them… he fought for our freedom and thats all it matters.. i will defend them here and our country..

    .-= cara wittchow´s last blog ..Best Ford Commercial Ever =-.

  2. That was a very good post. And like you, I enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music and do appreciate that others did too. However, I think it is important to keep all things in perspective and it does occur to me that the average Americans in my suburban quarters of Southern California (Fullerton, as fey a place as you can ever find) would like “not” to be bothered by such a thing as war.

    It is disturbing to come home today after a 2 week break from technology (which included driving my husband to Ft. Benning from where he was deploying) and not seeing a single news item about the war on the front pages. Like you, I fear that much of America would conveniently like to forget about the troops and us families.

    I think it’s up to a lot of us to make sure that the soldiers such as Brian aren’t forgotten, and that their families are given the respect they deserve. I also think it’s important we not forget about the many other casualties of war –the children, the victims of the insurgents, and we keep in mind the many whose lives we are trying to improve.

    So my banners and flags are still up, the Army flag is up too, as is my blue star banner. If the neighbors are irritated by this display then too bad. They’re up for good.
    .-= The Kitchen Dispatch (Kanani)´s last blog ..Techno-Free Week? =-.

  3. To Mary and Paul Bradshaw, all the Gillis family and my beloved nieces Caroline and Katie Schulman:
    Please know how saddened we all are at such a great and awful loss. Brian’s service to us all will be rewarded. His memory and legacy will come forward with each and every act of human kindness we continue to perform in our lives. May you all know only joy and loving times together in the future.
    Marty, Lois, Betsy, Chip and family

  4. Thank you so much for posting Brian’s wonderful message for everyone to see, and bringing his life and death to the attention of the world in this time of saturation celebrity coverage.
    He was such a special person, low-key and unassuming, yet accomplished in so many ways that he never even talked about.
    I weep at the loss of a terrific person and wonderful role model to my four sons, his younger cousins. It was really and truly such a privilege to have known him.
    He will be missed more than words can possibly say.
    We’ll keep the legacy alive, Brian. Rest in peace.
    Aunt Sarah

  5. My two blue star banners decorate my windows, representing two brave daughters deployed to Afghanistan. One, Heather, knew Brian, and as I said on onother blog, he was doing what those all bravehearts do best; defending our country. What greater love is there than that. He gave his all, for country, and may his family find some peace in there somewhere…

  6. Thank you for posting his words. The least we can do is remember him every day we go about our day. As a friend of Brian’s early in his Army career, he was always a great guy and extremely funny. His parents and family should take solace in the fact that his legacy will live on in everything his fellow soldiers do and those who had the great chance to meet such a great protector of freedom shall always remember. Such a good friend, he will be dearly missed. All my blessings to his family during such a difficult time. Although his life was cut short, it was full of purpose and meaning.

  7. LT will be missed, my mom sent me this link, and its really nice to see that there are still people out there that care. LT was one of the nicest dudes you could ever meet so sparatic and cocky but an outstanding officer. he will forever be on my mind. It’s hard to realize that he’s gone.

  8. hey Sarah please let your family know that loosing brian was one of the hardest things for the 501st i cant even begin to explain how much of an amazing leader he was, i brings tears to my eyes to read his quote, please know that are prayers are with your family.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for both of your postings about Brian. I met Brian when I was 16 and he was 17. Brian was my best friend, my rock, my strength, my love. He has been an inspiration to me for the past seven years and I am honored to have known him. The fact that his legacy is now being shared by so many humbles me. Thank you for bringing attention to Mary’s article and sharing it with so many who understand the injustice that is done every day when we don’t properly acknowledge heroes such as Brian. God bless you.

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