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If you are reading this blog because you want news and info about Afghanistan, then I have another site for you to add to your list. Please don’t quit reading this site, but add to your list of sites to read my good friend PJ Tobia’s.

PJ has a blog up called the Afghan Desk at and is constantly putting material up there. PJ is the guy who broke open to the world about the grave injustices done to CPT Roger Hill and 1SG Tommy Scott during their Article-32 hearing.

PJ is now freelancing in Afghanistan on his own, and not under the Army embed program. This means he is free and clear to talk about whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

In his opening post on this new blog he setup since leaving the army embed program he stated

I’m a freelance writer and reporter living in Kabul, Afghanistan. I’d like to use this space to comment on major developments in the US-led war here, but also to bring you the context of these events. A lot happens in this country that doesn’t get reported, not because the MSM is somehow incapable, but because “news events” tend to be narrowly defined by editors. What often gets left out are the social and political dynamics that led to the news event happening in the first place.

So be sure to check out and get the latest unfiltered news from Afghanistan.

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