Bloggers Roundtable with COL James Harris

The other day I was on the first Blogger’s Roundtable with Afghanistan in a long time. Actually the first time since before the 27th BCT left country in December, 2008. The 33rd BCT from IL has not done a good job in the Public Affairs and Media arena.

We talked with COL James Harris (Click here for BIO) who is the Regional Police Advisory Command-South Commander. We talked about mentoring and advising Afghan National Police in southern Afghanistan. Harris oversees nineteen police mentor teams in the southern region of Afghanistan who mentors thousands of members of the Afghan National Police in the provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul.

Harris said that they are working with nearly 12,000 police officers and the majority of them are loyal to their government and their leaders. "The police officers that I see and deal with on a daily basis are very dedicated to their cause and to their nation. And they’re challenged every day. They are confronted; they’re in contact with enemy forces on practically a daily basis," said Harris. Throughout his mentoring role, Harris said that the most rewarding element is watching the police officers’ progress through the training.

The ole’ Bouhammer asked Col Harris about the training of ANP and how far along they are coming with learning real police skills and tactics. I also asked about the continued lack of the unity of command within the Task Force and the elements it has control of.

Click here to listen to the audio of the Roundtable.

Click here for Transcript of Roundtable

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