At War needs your help

If you know someone who knows someone, have a family member, friend, or old high school chum who has connections with anyone that owns a movie theater, has influence into any theater chain, or has connection with a film distribution company please contact me at We need your help and contacts to get the acclaimed film, At War ( into theaters this summer.

There are some being lined up, but without a major distribution company behind it the release of this great movie will be a grass-roots effort and all that should see it won’t.

I showed this movie to over 600 people last week across three active duty bases in one showing and many then and from other showings have said the same thing “all of America needs to see this movie”.

Trust the reviews (several more coming out in the next few weeks) that this is an awesome film and needs to be seen.


I look forward to a flood of emails.



2 thoughts on “At War needs your help”

  1. I live in Egg Harbor Twp. NJ. Just behind Atlantic City. I’ve been trying to network & try to get a contact. The Tilton 9 Theatre is an independent & they also have a family member who has a “booking agency” (? I hope I got that right.) They said summers are tough for them but they said they would look at anything I brought them. The managers’ name is Scott R. Lefferson & their website is There might be an email link on the website. I’ll keep trying. Thank you for all you’re doing.

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