Alaska Paratroopers doing good things

Maj. Loh, who’s worked with U.S. special forces in the counterinsurgency fight against Islamic extremists in the Philippines, wants to introduce basic medical and nutritional development projects to Bermel’s district center, which has open sewers and no electricity or running water. "Right now, we can’t help the Afghan government come in here and build a big Afghan clinic," Loh said. "But we have some options and we are still looking for midwives to help.

"Our goals are incremental: to improve infant mortality step by step. That will certainly help improve perceptions of the government."

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  1. Great heartwarming link. I will continue to reference your site in the future. Veterans deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. The new post 9-1 GI bill provides assistance to veterans while the earn their online degrees.

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