1SG goes out with his Gun Blazing and his Boots on

Bouhammer Note- Being a National Guard 1SG myself, this story hits close to home. Not only do I feel for 1SG Blair’s family, I also really feel for his men.


Rest in Peace Top. Rest in Peace…..


The gunner’s weapon was blazing over Staff Sgt. Timothy Bellinger’s head. He jumped from window to window of his armored vehicle, trying to make out the battle that 1st Sgt. John Blair was fighting in the gunner’s position above him.

Bellinger felt the strike of a rocket-propelled grenade as it tore through the turret. He heard Blair’s gun cease firing. He saw the body of a man who always pushed his guys to do it right, slump lifelessly in the belt.



2 thoughts on “1SG goes out with his Gun Blazing and his Boots on”

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  2. I’d like to thank him for all he’s given and done. All the sacrifices for a family and country he loves. I’d also like to celebrate to his life in honor of his departure from it. Sorry, these words still don’t make it easier. May he Rest in Peace.

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