Toby Keith is the man He is a real patriot and as everyone knows a huge supporter of the troops. He has been on many USO tours meeting and playing for troops, all the while lifting their morale. I have seen or heard of many entertainers on USO tours in all kinds of places (Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo, Kosovo, Korea, etc) and for the most part they get to areas where there are large groups of troops so they can get the most bang for the buck. They rarely, if ever have pushed to the outer edges, to the men and women living in the suck, to the areas with high risk.

Well that is until now. The man himself, Toby Keith has broke the mold. He went to play in the small FOB of Bermel. Bermel is only 11 Kilometers from the Pakistan border. You can’t get to much farther downrange than that, unless he went to OP4 and well that is a little too close for anyone. Anyway, Bermel is the home of the famed Vampire 6 and his Vampire team. Vampire 6 writes the blog and is a partner of mine on A.L.L. (

The Vampire Team is also the team I talked about on this blog several times( here, here and here) when they need support and supplies. Many of you responded by sending these guys a lot of support and help of which they are always and forever grateful. So for those that have supported them, and for those that want to see a great shot of Toby downrange, here they are.

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11 thoughts on “Toby Keith is the man”

  1. Thank you Toby for your support!! You are the greatest! Like Bouhammer says “most entertainers do not go to the remote areas”…you are an exception. Just like Martha Raye did during the Viet Nam War. She always remembered the troops that got left out of most entertainment shows like Bob Hope, for instance. She also paid her own way; wheresas his was all paid for.
    God Bless you Toby!!! We Love YOU!

  2. Wow this is incredible. If you had told me last November that a major entertainer would be visiting us in bermel I would have laughed in disbelief. Props to Toby Keith for showing more initiative than some of our own commanders in getting out there to visit the guys at the front

  3. Toby’s Warriors are always so proud of him, and especially when we read things like this. This is just what makes Toby so special. He is definitely the MAN!!! And what a wonderful tribute to him making him an honorary Vampire. Gotta love it.

  4. Coupon Code For Tramadol Online Another Toby Warrior checking in. May God bless all of you for your service and your families too. Cheers to the Big DAWG Toby for coming to see you and for his dedication to the TROOPS everywhere. And now he is an honorary vampire. How bout that?

  5. Thank God for men like Toby! He always reminds me and many others how important our soldiers are and how we should be grateful to them and stand Tall and Proud when our Flag flies!! Toby I love you and I am greatful the good Lord put men like you on this earth to love and support our troops and remind the rest of us to do the same! May God bless each and every soldier serving and their families for all of their sacrifices.

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