Letter to me from Bob Woodruff’s staff

From: Bob Woodruff, bob.wooedruff@remind.org
Subject: Let’s raise $1.65M for America’s service members in time for Memorial Day

Dear Friends,

We all have people in our lives we consider heroes.

All of us at the Bob Woodruff Foundation would appreciate your support and participation helping raise $1.65M for our heroes returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan by participa
ing in our TweettoRemind campaign. Through the power of the social web, Tweet to Remind campaign aims to raise $1.65 million by Memorial Day, May 25, 2009 to ensure our service members get the help they need as they integrate back into society.

>This is a call to action, requesting you write a short blog post or tweet telling us who your hero is on Tuesday, May 12.

After I was severely injured while reporting on location in Iraq, my family and I realized we had a unique opportunity t
reach out and help many of our nation’s injured heroes. In January 2008, my wife Lee and I started ReMIND.org, an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their families. Our cu
rent project is the TweetToRemind campaign, which asks individuals and corporations to donate $5.25 or more in an effort to raise $1.65 million by the end of the Memorial Day weekend.

I have so many heroes in my life who have affected me in so many ways. But after what my family and I went through more than three years ago, my greatest heroes are the doctors, nurses, medics, soldiers, pilots and others who risk their lives
on a daily basis to save injured soldiers and bring them back to their communities. They did it for me, and my family and I can never thank them enough.

This is what I ask of you: on Tuesday, May 12 post a simple blog or tweet answering, “Who is your hero?” and asking them to do the same. Please link to your blog post from your Twitter account, a link back to www.tweettoremind.org, and the ChipIn widget which you can copy onto your blog.

I hope you find it in your heart to support this effort on May 12 and throughout the campaign which ends on Memorial Day, May 25th.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Bob Woodruff




OEF and OIF veterans are eligible for free VA health care for their combat injuries up to 5 years after separation from duty. (VA)

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. service members returning from combat will report symptoms of PTSD or major depression. (RAND)

Nearly 90% of today’s seriously wounded U.S. military service members are surviving. (VA)

Over 320,000 U.S. service members have sustained a TBI during deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. (RAND)

More than 1.64 million U.S. service members have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since October, 2001. (DoD)

Costs resulting from PTSD and major depression for troops deployed since 2001 are expected to range from $4-$6 billion. (RAND)

As public concern over these injuries grows, policy changes and funding shifts are already occurring. (RAND)

Of those reporting a probable TBI, 57% have not been evaluated by a physician for brain injury. (RAND)

Processing times for veteran disability benefit claims has decreased from 230 days in 2001 to an estimated 145 days in 2009. (whitehouse.gov)

When combat stress exceeds the capacity of an individual to cope, literal injuries to the brain and mind can result. (RAND)

Symptoms and repercussions of combat stress include depression, anxiety, misuse of alcohol and drugs, strains in family functioning, separation and divorce. (RAND)

Nearly 5.3 million veterans will receive care at the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009. (whitehouse.gov)

Medical science provides a better understanding than ever before of how to
care for a new generation of service members suffering the psychological
effects of warfare. (RAND)

Support our troops is no longer a slogan. It’s an action.

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