The government says I am domestic terrorist threat?

N/T to LT Nixon for this one.

Apparently the Government that my father served for 22 years as a US Army Special Forces soldier, risking his life and going to places and seeing things that nobody should see, and the Government that I have served 21 years and 10 months now thinks he, myself and every other Military veteran should be suspected of being a domestic terrorist. Friggen great, talk about poking someone in the eye.

In a new report that the Department of Homeland Security has recently released ( how recent you may wonder, well they mention the April 4th, 2009 shooting of 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers in it) titled  “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitmentt” located here, for download, they use Timothy McVeigh as an example of someone who returned from Desert Storm and then joined a right-wing extremist group. There were over 500,000 service-members involved with Desert Shield/Storm, to include myself and they have one person go off and perform the horrible act of bombing a federal building and now all of a sudden we are all suspect?

Hell if that is the case then every friggen politician is a liar, embezzler, adultery committing, public bathroom homosexual, murderer, pedophile. Because I mean we all know of politicians that have been accused of that.

I cannot believe that in this report they actually state with a straight face “The FBI noted in a 2008 report on the white supremacist movement that some returning military veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have joined extremist groups.” Yeah, and some have come back to start businesses, some have come back and become homeless, some have come back and committed suicide. Are we now all potential suicide risks?

The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.” So now it is also because of PTSD? Is that what they claim? Well why don’t they go by the old adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? I mean address the PTSD issues effectively and maybe we won’t have a country of almost 2 million powder kegs walking around ready to destroy the country they have fought for, bled for, lost their families and friends for.

Apparently we are all racist too, because they also blame the election of President Obama for this high risk, “Most statements by right-wing extremists have been rhetorical, expressing concerns about the election of the first African American president, but stopping short of calls for violent action“, I guess they don’t consider that only 53% of the country elected the President, and many of them weren’t hardcore supporters but were on the fence. They also don’t consider that many in the military don’t approve of the President’s limited voting record and what record he does have is not really military friendly. They also don’t approve of the changes he promised and has started to implement in regards to the military since coming to office. Nope, they have to throw the race card and make it all about that. Really, REALLY? They are going to toss the race card, when the President is well known to be mixed race of both black and white. AG Holder recently called us a “nation of cowards” because of race, well with statements like this being thrown out by the very Government he works for, no wonder people are coward of race issues. They don’t want to be arrested as a domestic terrorist.

Rightwing extremists are harnessing this historical election as a recruitment tool.  Many right-wing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential administration and its perceived stance on a range of issues, including immigration and citizenship, the expansion of social programs to minorities,…” but it doesn’t end there, because in this same paragraph they also state that due to the violations of the 2nd Amendment by federal, state and local governments, all us veterans are suspect to be extremist wackos, “…and restrictions on firearms ownership and use.” Later on in the document they explicitly address the 2nd Amendment, by stating “Many right-wing extremist groups perceive recent gun control legislation as a threat to their right to bear arms and in response have increased weapons and ammunition stockpiling, as well as renewed participation in paramilitary training exercises.  Such activity, combined with a heightened level of extremist paranoia, has the potential to facilitate criminal activity and violence.” or you can read here when they call gun owners paranoid freaks that want to stockpile ammo, and that is the reason for the increased costs. Hmm, I seem to remember reporting on this blog how the price of ammunition was going up by the day and actually by the pre-election poll numbers. “Open source reporting of wartime ammunition shortages has likely spurred right-wing extremists—as well as law-abiding Americans—to make bulk purchases of ammunition.  These shortages have increased the cost of ammunition, further exacerbating right-wing extremist paranoia and leading to further stockpiling activity.

Hey IDIOTS!!! The reason people are buying up guns and ammo is to own them in a pre-ban state before the AG fills his promise of re-instituting gun bans that are equal to or stronger than previous gun ownership bans.

Then they go back to some other wackos and people that weren’t wackos, “…federal law enforcement’s handling of the confrontations at Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.” David Koresh brought on his own demise and if he was guilty of molesting little girls and the other crimes he was accused of, then the Government did the right thing. I mean the guy thought he was the 2nd coming of our Lord. His boots were not laced up that tight. It is unfortunate that the turn of events on April 19th 1993 ( I remember that day, because my son was born that exact day), but it is what it is.

Ruby Ridge was a whole other story and the there was nothing wrong up there except for an over-zealous ATF and a sniper without discipline and a bad sight picture. It is sad what happened up there, but that is not going to get me to turn on my country.

Overall after writing this entry I have went through several emotions, angry, disappointed, ashamed (of my government for producing this), but lastly really hurt. My feelings are hurt, yes I said it. They are. I love this country with more than my soul. I cannot begin to describe how I weep at the sign of a fallen soldier from any branch, how I ache for family members who’s loved one have made the ultimate sacrifice, how I stand in awe of those in the military, first responders and public service that have walked before me and to look at what awesome and courageous things they have done. To think that some brain-less, left wing, feel good, Hollywood loving, Sean Penn idolizing, wacko who has some kick-butt higher education degree, but no experience to speak of in the last 10 days (based on April 4th reference) has penned such a document and his employer, the DHS, took time and my tax dollars to produce it for the whole reason of putting my service and the service of all that have served the country on the same level as hate-filled extremists, a gut-less murderer like Timothy McVeigh, and wacko pedophiles like David Koresh truly hurt my feelings and makes me question if I wasted the last 21 years and 10 months of my life on a country that so quickly has turned its back on me and thrown me out with the trash.

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  1. There may be some truth in all of the accusatory statements made in the DHS report but let’s face it. . . people in this country are getting tired of the way our representative government is being managaged “for the good of the nation”. The middle class and below have been sinking lower and lower into total disenfranchisement. So, if these vets are joing groups for comradary and a sense of belonging to something – anything -following active military duty maybe it’s because as a nation, and in particular our representative style of government, doesn’t treat our vetrans with the honor and respect that is due to them for their selfless sacrifices made on behalf of our nation. I know that being a veteran and being thrust back into a non-empathetic civilian world is a very difficult transition to say the least. I’m sure if there is a shred of truth as stated in the DHS article it would be based on the active duty forces and not from the Guard or Reserve (no disrespect intended). The latter typically have more of a connection to civilian life and a life return to following active service. Our young men and women who join active duty typically don’t have a solid civilian grounding prior to service and coming off active duty is a difficult transition to make. Sure it makes me mad as hell too to read garbage like what was posted,(DHS) but consider the source. Those civilian’s have probably never walked in boot leather and mud holes that our soldiers have. They aren’t struggling to find and hold a job and they aren’t feeling the pains of of losing their homes and families. They don’t have a clue.

    Shake a soldiers hand, buy him/her a beer, and give ’em a pat on the back and a sincere “thanks”. They deserve it Let those mucks that don’t have a clue kiss our collective “we’ve served and are proud of our country” ruddy-duddy-asses.

    I’m pretty ticked off these days about a lot things myself.

  2. Well lets see – retired E-8 USAF, Catholic Pro-life – voted for Ron Paul in the primary, signed a petition to abolish the Federal Reserve, son just returned form Afghanistan, I guess I’m at the top of the “Homeland Insecurity” list. (in other words anyone who disagrees with Obama and his commie politics).

    This pissed me off to no end when I read it. I guess Obama’s unrepentant buddy William Ayers bombing of the Pentagon (and other various places didn’t qualify him for the list.

    Obama’s terrorist connections – William Ayers

    Obama’s Communist Connections

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. . .” ~ Henry Kissinger

  3. Hey, add a 57 year old grandma to the list of “extremists”!! I’ll be at a Tea Party tomorrow!!!! Being extreme in my grandma way!!

  4. hmmm, I liked Ron Paul, have a son in the military, enjoy firearms and thinks hunting is OK, have a don’t tread on me emblem on my car…….yup, this old lady must be a terrorist too…I just guess America is going to pot.

  5. I shared this with a lot of people and all said the same thing…this is simply SICK! I sometimes wonder why as soldiers, airmen, sailor, marines, and of course our coastie’s do what the hell have done, currently do, or will eventually? Sad time in America! MT

  6. Ironic, isn’t it, that after some 30 years of having these organizations of Government calling all moderately left-leaning organziations domestic terrorists or terrorist sympathizers with nary a peep from conservatives and so-called moderates, the shoe is now on the other foot.

    Every time you cry about the ACLU protecting someone’s civil liberties because you don’t like that someone, think back to this report and how it mae you feel to be considered a possible enemy of the state just baecuse of who you are.

    1. Really 30 years of that. I think you are little mistaken Mr. Orwell. Not quite 30 years. The ACLU is a waste of an organization, as is ACORN. They are cesspools that tax dollars get dumped into. Me not liking someone is not me thinking they are an enemy of the state, it means I have an opinion and I don’t like them. See I still believe in that freedom that I fight for.

  7. Mr. Hammer,

    I suggest you look into the FBI and Military Intelligence infiltrating such groups as the Quakers because they were against the War (pick whichever modern war you like, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, Afghanistan). You’ll see that there has been extensive surveillance of peace activists groups by organizations of the Federal Government.

    I also suggest you look into the militia movement, which tends to be very conservative and very militant. More innocents have died because of rightwing extremism in the US than so-called leftwing extremism.

    As for your opinion of the ACLU and ACORN (as I didn’t mention ACORN, I wonder why you bring it up), that is neither here nor there. I was merely pointing out that they defend the civil liberties of all of us, whether or not we believe that person’s civil liberties should be defended or not.

    I would think that is a good thing. Considering your condemnation of this particular report, I would think if you looked past your ideological myopia, that you would as well.

    1. Mr. Orwell

      Why don’t you send me links to this proof of the FBI and MI going into the Quakers or whatever other group you claim. You offer baseless accusations, which is empty and means nothing. I quoted an actual report released by our Government. See the difference?? I also stated my opinion on ACORN and ACLU, and guess what…it is my opinion becuase this is my blog. I can do that. Just like I am nice enough to allow you to comment and voice your opinion. But don’t make statements like they are historically accurate without proof, otherwise state that is what you heard or think.

      Yes some militia are conservative, and others like Greenpeace and PETA are very liberal. So your point is what? BTW, I consider idiots like Code Pink, IVAW and as liberal militia movements. You also claim “More innocents have died because of right-wing extremism in the US than so-called left-wing extremism”. Again do you have proof? If not, then STFU and don’t say it like it is fact. If you have fact let me and all know what it is.

      I have yet to see the ACLU defend anything except trying to destroy the Constitution and erase our history as a nation, a nation founded on Christian values.

  8. …and did you also read the fine print of that very ‘factual’ report stating: “that some returning military veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have joined with forces with the Somali pirates…” (This is SARCASM!!)… I don’t think I can write on your blog what I said when I heard that ‘report’ GIVE ME A FRICKEN BREAK!!! …and they had to go all the way back and pull Timothy McVeigh out of the hat? P-LEEZ. My husband is having me committed because I SCREAM at the TV so much these days. Both my sons are serving, my eldest a SFC in the 82nd ABN and the younger a SPC, up at ABN/SF Selection. I have good friends who lost their sons during the 3rd BCT’s last deployment…and other friends who’s sons/husbands were injured… all this makes me want to vomit! The ‘so called’ Dir. of Homeland Security is AN *UGLY* IDIOT (that’s too nice a word). Bouhammer, please… there are so MANY, MANY of us who value your service and the service of all our men and women in uniform and value the service of our family members (my Dad, Navy SeaBee (WWII), son’s Dad (A.Force, Vietnam). WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!! Half (probably ALL) of the people (like code pink aka ‘Code Puke’) and the other loons are WANABEES.
    My message to all the people out there who think the U.S. is such a ‘horrible’ country… feel FREE to leave (because you ARE FREE to leave)…and go elsewhere (like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the ‘most democratic” countries in the world! Be sure to leave all your money behind because ‘capitalism is ‘evil’!” BTW, check out the new mole planted in the Pentagon … an ex LA Times reporter?? I guess I’m a radical threat too… especially because I don’t tolerate radical extremist murderers and I will never call the damn War on Terror anything else BUT that! . “Airborne All the Way!” I’m a PROUD army mom!! (and a HUGE thanks for a job well done.. SEALS RULE!)

    milhealth (Karen)’s last blog post..Suicide Prevention Resources

  9. Um, Bou? COINTELPRO,

    I know, wikipedia is oft-times a compromised source – but the *references* section can be invaluable.

    I’ve read the DOE report (just post 9/11) that covers leftist terrorism, and if this report had half the academic/analytic rigor of that report, I’d be fine with it.

    This report, like the MIAC report in Missouri, is mostly SPLC data regurgitated uncritically, and serves to effectively launder the work of an advocacy group and roll it up in a neat scroll with the Federal imprimatur on it.

    I would suggest that while the ACLU does at times work both sides of the aisle, they often stand silent, too. And ACORN – well, ACORN works to suppress speech they don’t like – if through no other mechanism than ballot-box stuffing.

    John of Argghhh!’s last blog post..H&I* Fires Tax day, 15 April 2009

    1. John of Arghhh,

      Thanks for the Wiki link. Good stuff and I had heard of this stuff happening BITD, WAAAAYYY BITD. I don’t consider a program that ended in 1971 (38 years ago) in any way relevant to a discussion about a document created by our government in the last 14 days. I still say Orwell has yet to provide proof.

  10. This is ridiculous. You could google it and get pages and pages on it. Yet, just so you do not have to confront this position, you’ll say I did not provide you with proof. It took me two seconds to find it on google.

    You are choosing to deny it becasue it does not fit in with your ideological bent. I’m stopping now because it is apparent no amount of evidence brought to the table would satisfy you. You have made up your mind and closed it to anything to the contrary.

    1. Mr Orwell,

      Are you as slow as you appear to be in your comments? I ask you for proof, that is all. You finally sent me something. I am a very busy person, with more things going on than this blog and personally I don’t have time to go “google” every single comment or accusation that someone posts. If you want to post a legit statement, then back it up. So you did, and I appreciate that. I read through that report and I found it pretty interesting. I also researched Democracy Now a little bit and even though they appear to be fairly “independent” it was hard to tell that they were not in bed with most of the liberal-left loving media. However they may not be. Frankly I don’t have a lot of time to research all of the links about the program or hosts from Wikipedia. Overall this is really not a factor as we are talkign about the report released by DHS.

      The DHS report is what I have an issue with. ACLU and Acorn and many other agencies that pretend to stand for rights of all but only care to push the liberal agenda are who I have an issue with.

      If the Government investigated any group for reasons that were not truly related to national security and instead were based on political agendas, then it is wrong. I agree with that. But I am not trying to be the champion of everyone who feels slighted in the USA. I am a champion for what I feel most strongly about, my family, my loved ones and my military.

      So hats off to you for forwarding me this report and educating me a little more. However my despise of the ACLU is not tempered becuase of this, and my despise of the DHS because of the report they issued falsely accusing me and thousands like of me of being domestic terrorists cannot be excused.

  11. I pushing through the DOE leftist extremism report that was published in April 2001.

    I’m keeping my own counsel on the DHS report. It has security markings and I asked DHS if they’d unclas’d it yet since it was in the wild.

    They said no, which makes it problematic to discuss if you hold a current clearance, silly as that sounds.

    The thing about this report is… we may well not like how it sounds (heck, in many ways it describes me) but the problem is… they aren’t wrong in specific details, but they also provide zip nada zilch sense of perspective and scope of the threat.

    They focus mainly on the issue of lone wolf/small cell terrorism, which is, frankly, fairly analgous to the mentally disturbed zipperheads involved in the mass shootings of late.

    This is better written than the MIAC report, but still paints with a broad brush, and where they try to scope things, it’s done in a tepid fashion.

    In other words, it’s a semi-typical committee produced report from the modern intel community, and is so generic as to be useless.

    As I’ve noted elsewhere, it’s skimpy on rigor and serves to launder advocacy-driven information, without properly crediting same.

    Unlike the the report on leftwing extremism, this one has zero cites. The report on leftwing extremism has four pages of citations, which allow you to consult the sources and draw your own conclusions about the conclusions in the document.

    John of Argghhh!’s last blog post..H&I* Fires Tax day, 15 April 2009

    1. John

      I agree that the document is still marked FOUO and that we must tip-toe around it lightly. However that is a pretty loose and low-level classification. It is not sensitive in content or is classified with a classification that makes it hands-off. I only pointed to it and have not and will not distribute it myself because of the FOUO markings on it.

  12. They didn’t accuse you of anything. They may have made some wild generalizations, but as this is our government we are speaking of, it goes back to the habit of making wild generalizations about many different groups, which was my point and which you chose to so conveniently ignore.

    As for being busy: you’re not the only one. And as you seem to believe that being something of a bully and rude is in some way shape or form enlightening, I shant be wasting any more of my time here.

    1. Hey Orwell,

      If you don’t want to read here, then don’t let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out. Amazing that you feel you are going to hurt me or that you even try by telling me that, after I essentially compliment you for providing some evidence of your claims. Whateva’… I am sure you just like to go around to different blogs and make your comments just to start crap. If you were a real reader of this blog, and a person of debate, you would not run away faster than Forest Gump.

      Anyway, good luck to you in your surfing of the web and creations of arguments of which you refuse to complete.

      For your future reference, the DHS should listen to the FBI as to where the real threats are: which are ALF/ELF and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  13. John’s right, this is politicized intelligence and rank ideology, dressed up as an official intel product. Never would have made it through the front office in my day. Again, no evidence cited, no data upon which to base these sweeping and slanderous assertions about certain groups of people. If you substitute ethnic minorities for the obvious inferences to “white”people, this would have the entire mainstream media in a tizzy.

  14. An off-duty Marine was walking out the White House gate when a pit bull broke loose from the owners leash and attacked a little boy.

    The Marine dropped his briefcase and ran over and choked the dog till he dropped the boy from his jaws – then he broke the dog’s neck. He administered first aid to the boy and called 911 on his cell phone.

    A member of the White House Press Corps witnessed the whole thing said ‘what a story,’

    He immediately began sending the story to his editor on his Blackberry –

    “Local Hero Saves Child Attacked by Rabid Pit Bull”

    While typing he approached the Marine and said “by the way, what do you do?’

    ‘I’m a Marine detailed to the White House” he answered.

    Hitting the backspace – he began typing again

    “Angry Right Wing Extremist Strangles Beloved Family Pet”

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