Our Fallen Heroes

I was met with mixed emotions a few days ago when the media, with permission, observed the return of a fallen member of the military for the first time in 18 years.  This is a result of a policy put in place by the Obama administration.  President George H. W. Bush had put the ban on the media at the start of the Persian Gulf War as a way to shield grieving families.

My experience with the media in Afghanistan included FOX News, CBS News, London Times, and a handful of independent photographers.  In a very short time I soon realized that I didn’t particularly like most media and the way they went about their business.  I observed the media taking what they saw and putting a twist on it so that it would fit their own agenda.

For the sake of our fallen heroes and their families, I hope this new policy doesn’t become tainted by the media and their needs.

Live free or die trying.

4 thoughts on “Our Fallen Heroes”

  1. My feelings on the matter are well known. I want the fallen honored, but I don’t trust the media to do it. Comes from personal experience.

    I would like nothing more than for them to prove me wrong.

    I’m not coming down hard, still waiting — BUT ! ! ! !

    The only presentation of the stories I’ve seen say — (pardon my jaundiced paraphrasing) ” Well, we finally got our way, and the big bad Bush family (sandwiched by Clinton) can’t keep us from viewing and publishing the pictures of flag draped coffins coming into DOVER. Oh yeah, the first one was . . . ”

    But, I’m still hoping to be proved wrong.

  2. Just so you know, we, us protected coddled civilians NEED to see the cost of our wars, we ARE mushrooms, we get SO little news from the wars (christ I want that to not be plural) FDR made the papers publish the pics from Tarawa so the folks home could SEE the cost of war. I, a proud American, former history teacher, and flyer of OUR flag, a liberal democrat, WANT to SEE the cost of our wars.
    want us to WIN our wars
    want us to have fewer wars
    and support the troops
    and lost friends on 9/11

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