Hot News- CNN is not your friend

Here is some hot news from the ground in Afghanistan….Apparently CNN now has setup a bureau in Kabul. This is probably the first time since 2002 I am sure.

Anyway, the word on the (dirt) street is that CNN does not care to cover any Humanitarian Assistance stories. All they want is direct action (kinetic) operation stories.

So I guess now that there is no more real bad news in Iraq, they have decided to go back to Afghanistan and only want to focus on the bad, bloody things there too. Who cares about girls being able to go to school, or children being fed, or farmers being able to grow something besides poppies and provide for their family? Not when there is blood and gore to be splashed across America’s 42″ flat screen plasma TVs every night.

This is why I refuse and always will refuse to watch that the Crappy News Network.

5 thoughts on “Hot News- CNN is not your friend”

  1. RE coverage of humanitarian missions, etc.: Please name a major US news network that DOES carry these stories. Once a year, ABC gets all soft and shows George Clooney in Darfur. But if you really want any of this good news, you have to read blogs and visit humanitarian organizations’ websites. The US media doesn’t even report the sad reality of daily living in Afghanistan, such as when acid is thrown in the face of Afgan girls going to school. They certainly don’t bother showing what “normal” life is like there and the occasional spot of good news. Let’s face it–if you want REAL international news, you have to go to a lot of trouble to get it. Even BBC America has now “dumbed down” their nightly news to make it benign enough for US audiences. I got more of a sense of what the lay of the land and people in Afghanistan are like from an hour reading the A.L.L. blog, which wasn’t even really meant for a civilian like me, than I did in years of reading and watching US media!

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