Happy Water

This past week I was being trained on a couple of different computer programs for the military.  These courses were offered in a separate building that didn’t have  a latrine located inside so we had to use the separate trailer supplied 2 urinal / 2 toilet set up.  For those of you who have been deployed to the Kuwait / Iraq / Afghanistan theaters, this would be considered a pretty nice accommodation (as of 2 years ago we were still using burn barrels at FOB Tillman in Afghanistan).

During one of our 10 minute breaks from the instruction I had to utilize the convenience of this great accommodation.  While I was doing my business, I noticed someone else walk in and stand in front of the urinal next to the one I was using.  I soon noticed that this third country national (TCN) was holding an empty water bottle and was filling it from the water in the urinal.  As I watched in astonishment, the TCN appeared to be very happy to fill his water bottle and carry on with his day. 

This odd, brief moment reminded me that we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be.  In today’s world, most of us should be very happy and thankful for what we have.  I know I am.

Live free or die trying.

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