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Head over to, who were one of the sponsors of the 2009 Milblog Conference. They have a series of videos up that are interviews of several of the milbloggers on the web today, to include me. Yes, you can watch ole’ Bouhammer himself jacked up on Starbucks talk about all sorts of things related to blogging, patriotism, and of course Afghanistan.

Part 1 of the Bouhammer Video

Part 2 of the Bouhammer Video

6 thoughts on “Get to know your favorite milbloggers”

  1. Wow, you are WAY too perky for the day of the Conference! I knew I should have gone so that everyone looked hungover and half-dead!! That is my sole job when I go.

    1. LL,
      After watching it I knew I made a mistake to stop and be interviewed. I stepped out of the conference to look for someone in particular and do something and GA asked me if I was ready to come over and be interviewed. I really didn’t want to at that point, but they were like “come on, it will only take a minute” So I went over and as you maybe can tell, I was trying to answer as quickly as I could. The bottom line is there is way too much crap crammed in one day at these conferences, not counting all the networking trying to happen. So the end result is me talking like I am jacked up on a pot of coffee and no-doz.

  2. No worries. I just watched Matt and JP. You all sound rushed. A little jazzed up. But you all looked great and well-spoken and you had your shit together. Great job!!

  3. Watched this last night at the GA site and enjoyed it very much. Who cares if you spoke a little fast? You had a lot of interesting things to say and you were passionate about them.

    I also appreciated your favorable comments about some of our allies in Afghanistan. I don’t think many people realize the sacrifices they are making, how tough they are, and the spirit they have, but we see it here at Landstuhl. There are few better men than those of the Australian SAS.

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