At War Fundraising back on

On March 22nd, I put up a post asking for people to help out and contribute what they could in order to hold a screening of the movie At War at the Milblog Conference on April 24th. that posting is here, On March 24th, I put a hold on it becuase I had quite a bit of money come in and it looked like the quote for the logistics needed to show the movie may be lower then originally estimated.

Well I finally got the real quotes from the vendor that the hotel uses for all of its audio/visual needs and wouldn’t you know it, the quote is now higher than I was originally told. So with just over two weeks left until the conference I am again coming with hat-in-hand asking for donations from those that feel led to and can still afford to do it. Not only will we have several hundred milbloggers there to review the movie, but there is a grass-roots effort to also have as many Senators and congressman ( there also.

So if you can be sure and invite your representatives and if possible, if you can donate a little something, it would really help make this a premier event.

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