A sign of progress in Afghanistan


Even though these women were attacked by a mob of angry, backwards-thinking men this is still an awesome sign of progress in a country that has oppressed women worst than any other country in the world. For 300 women (and many more tried but were stopped by family members or not allowed to travel on buses) to gather in protest in a country that eight years ago was executing them for walking in public without a male family member with them, is great sign of progress. How great is it that our intervention into Afghanistan has allowed these human beings to stand up for themselves and voice their opinion in public.

If you have been to Afghanistan and seen first hand how terribly women are treated then you could appreciate what a big deal this is. For the normal American that has never seen this type of oppression, it is hard to understand. Then again, that is why I am still writing this blog, to help people understand.

I look at this protest as a huge step forward and as more women hear about it and begin to become educated that they are equal children under God and in this universe then I think we will see much more of this over the years.

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