2009 Milblog Conference

Well I am here in Arlington, VA (D.C. Area) to attend the 2009 Milblog Conference. It is going to be a great time and I can’t wait to get it started. Of course I really can’t wait to start the debut showing of At War tonight for what will hopefully be a packed house. I have no guess as to how many will attend, but I hope we have to cram them in, and I am praying that everything goes off without a hitch. Of course after the showing of At War we will be having a awesome cocktail party and reception here at the hotel which should produce a lot of memorable moments and incriminating pictures for some. Starting tonight and through the weekend CJ and I will be live micro-blogging and even writing some regular blog posts over at the other site we both write for, www.youserved.com. We will be micro-blogging on the You Served twitter account at www.twitter.com/youserved.

So be sure to follow us, the by the moment happenings, and any other crazy stories that may come out of this year’s conference. I will try to throw up a blog or two here, plus I will also be micro-blogging on my personal account at www.twitter.com/bouhammer

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