“Patriotism is Dead”

Yep, I knew that would catch your attention.  It definitely caught mine.  This was a comment from one of my co-workers here in Kuwait, during a recent discussion we were having about our current American society’s level of Patriotism.  His reasoning behind this comment was that “Our society is all about what’s in it for me right now and putting the country’s needs ahead of our own is a dead ideology.”

Now, I grew up on heavy doses of Rambo, Missing in Action, RedDawn, and drinking from the Ronald Reagan fire hose while he lead us against the “Evil Empire.”  Maybe I was brainwashed from a young age but I always believed that if our nation called, then it was my duty as an American to answer that call.  These were some of the basic reasons why I initially joined the Army National Guard.

On 9/11/01 the world as I knew it, changed forever and I would answer my country’s call.  A few days later I found myself staring at the smoldering rubble of the remains of the World Trade Center at Ground Zero.  During this time I would see the absolute best in American spirit and pride.  Unfortunately since then, the fever has fallen to the wayside.  I understand there are still many Americans (young and old) still out there that believe in being a true patriot to their country.  In 2005 I was visiting the high school in the school district that I was teaching in at the time and I ran into one of my soccer players that I coached.  This young man was a senior and I asked him what his plans were for the following year.  He responded with “Probably college but I’m not really sure.”  I then asked him if he had thought about joining the military.  He responded with “No way, what would I want to do that for.”  After quickly recovering from his comment I then proceeded to inform him on many reasons why he should join and also included that it was his duty.  I presented this in a polite way so that the untrained eye wouldn’t be able to detect the lash marks on the young man. 

I really don’t think my co-worker’s analysis is accurate on our current society’s level of Patriotism.  Even though I do believe there are still some hard core believers (yours truly) in pure Patriotism, I’ve come to understand that it has just evolved and everyone has their own take on it.  It probably has always been that way.


Live free or die trying!

2 thoughts on ““Patriotism is Dead””

  1. Unfortunately, I agree with your co-worker. Society as a whole is more concerned with what’s in it for me attitude rather than what is best for the country. There are still some people who are true patriots, but the numbers are few. I believe it will take another catastrophe to wake up America again, which is truly sad.

  2. Just so you know, I’m doing my very best to have your all’s back. I too have seen the lack of patriotism, But know this, some of us is out here shouting to people and actually starting to be heard. I wish I could talk to every U.S. citizen at once, but since I can’t, I go from neighborhood to the next, and reach neighborhoods out side of my state, I know my doings have been a small drop in the bucket, but I see momentium picking up.

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