McKiernan Outlines Challenges to Military Mission in Afghanistan

A great interview from PBS’s News Hour on March 17th. You really need to click on the link above to read the whole transcript from the interview, but I want to point out the following part of the interview.

Do you think the war is winnable in military terms?

GEN. DAVID MCKIERNAN, U.S. Commander in Afghanistan: Well, the war is winnable. Let’s not put it in military terms, because it’s going to take security, it’s going to take governance, and it’s going to take socioeconomic progress, all three of those in a comprehensive way. But this campaign is absolutely winnable and will be won.

I am not, but I think this sounds eerily familiar to the following statement, which originally appeared here on March 13th:

“Winning in Afghanistan is not (as Scott Kesterson says) the signing of a peace treaty or an accord. Not there, as there is no standard army to sign with….. So that is priority #1, establish security across the entire country so the enemy has no freedom of movement…. Priority #2 is to get the Afghan Security Forces stood up (governance from GEN McKiernan’s statement) and providing security for themselves….”

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