ETT team needs your help, AGAIN!

Back on December 2nd I wrote the following post, and many readers of this blog either stepped up to help or circulated the word to their friends, communities and churches. Well this team is in bad shape right now and needs help again. Below is the latest email I got from their team chief.

Hey brother, I feel bad asking you for help again but we’ve got an issue.  The 101st is ripping out and has decided that they really no longer need to order UGR-As nor really serve chow, thus we’re having to live off of the stuff we’ve stockpiled from your readers that sent us stuff.  Needless to say we’re running low again and need a class 1 push if you can wrangle some up for us.  Your readers were awesome last time we just didn’t foresee having to live day to day off their generosity.  Additionally, our BDE (Brigade) has given up pushing any kind of supplies to us.   
We could use any kind of microwavable food, ramen, mac & cheese, rice, pasta anything we could eat for meals.  Thanks for anything you can do to help us out, we really appreciate it!

If you know of a civic group, scouting organization, place of worship, or whatever that can help, or if you can help, these guys need it. To get their mailing address, email me at with the subject of HELP FOR ETT TEAM and I will get it to you as fast as I can.

Class1- is the Army Class of Supply for Food. 

11 thoughts on “ETT team needs your help, AGAIN!”

  1. We can’t let this stand like this…. Oh no no noooooooo! Have you asked SA yet? If not, you want me to get them in on this? Also have these guys been individually adopted by Angels?

    Email me, please..with numbers etc..

  2. Hi Troy,

    i’ve updated the posting for this ETT on the Books for Soldiers board to reflect the updated information. Let me know if there’s anything else we can do; we’re here to help.

    Thanks for the info,

  3. Hey Troy,

    will be sending something within a few days. Also did a ‘bleg’. Hope you get a few more to help with getting our guys what they need.

    But can you find out why the BDE isn’t sending them the supplies needed. I’d like to know why they are so effed up. Just blows my mind that they allow this type of crap to happen. Unfrickinbelievable!

  4. Support Our Troops
    Bob Williams
    PO Box 7560
    Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
    29807 SR 54
    Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

    813-991-9400-office M-F 0500-1700 S-S 0500-1200
    813-334-1087-cell 24/7-365

    Send a wish list and return date a 69 pound box will go out today

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