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I am pleased to announce that no more funds are needed.

I am sad to announce that the very large corporation we were hoping to secure as an exclusive sponsor of the private screening of Scott Kesterson’s cutting-edge documentary, At War at the 2009 Milblog Conference was not able to come through.

I have written a review of the movie here,

LTC Paul Fanning, who is the New York State PAO has also written one here,

I have seen this movie twice and I believe down to my soul that not getting this movie in front of the hundreds of attendees at the conference and allowing them all to see it would be an injustice to them and their readers. So because of that, I am willing to on the burden to have my not-for-profit blog be the sole sponsor of this showing. The hotel has been nice enough to squeeze us in a conference room for “free” for two hours from 6-8PM on Friday of the Conference (April 24th). The Conference organizer is actually moving some events to get this slot open. Local Press resources are working to get a lot of press to be at this event and we are trying to work as many people from Capital Hill as possible to be at the viewing. This is a movie that any politician with the power and influence to send troops into harm’s way in Afghanistan or that can appropriate one single dollar to Afghanistan should see.

Even though we are getting the space for free, there are other costs for audio-visual equipment that we must pay for (a total of $800.00).

This is where I need your help. I am looking for any readers of this blog or other milblogs that have come to this posting from another site to please help out and donate whatever you can by clicking the link to the bottom or on the right side which says “Support the Showing of At War”


I really hate to come to you with my hand out like this, as these are tough times for everyone. This movie has had 7 screenings now and the response from all walks of life, from all sides of the political spectrum, and from absolutely everyone that has seen it has been 100% positive. Please read Paul Fanning’s or my review above if you haven’t yet to get a little more insight.

Thank you all for your time and your support
Troy (bouhammer) Steward

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