Bill Maher, nothing more than an oxygen thief

I used to like Bill Maher when I thought his satire was really funny. However over the last year or two I have been less and less impressed with this Oxygen Thief. H/T to LW from B5 for letting me know about this. The original posting is over at Michelle Malkin’s site,

3 thoughts on “Bill Maher, nothing more than an oxygen thief”

  1. What is up with the attitude? Mayer is funny. There have been rapes in Okinawa. You didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. So, why all the hostility? Oh, yeah, I ams one non-Republican who has: Lobbied to get you better armor, rations and housing, better bebefits from the VA. I’ve spent time and money escorting OUR fallen to their graves, willing to spend a night in jail if it meant OUR guys would get buried without looney fruitcase demonstrators harrassing the survivors.

    After having been through one circle jerking rattfuck on behalf of our nation, I’m not at all suprised you have to wear these goofy belts while on patrol. But, just for morale purposes, let me share a scripture with you; Hebrews 13:8

    Jesus Christ, the same yesteday, today, and forever.

    They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Take that with a grain of salt. We learned something, about politics and fighting, in our generation. It means, to me, if you’re gonna go, go hard. This fucking around politically, occupying and policing, is not an Armed Forces job. So it’s an automatic cluster fuck when they make you try. Vampire’s got it right, but he’s farting upwind, you wait and see.

    We need about 40,000 green berets looking for one criminal, Ozzie B., and the rest can sort itself out. The food and firewood options should be NGOs jobs. Military should be ‘high cover’. There, available, and mostly invisible.

    Sorry to grind on ya, but it sure seemed we would have learned COIN by now. I’m not a liberal, but I sure ain’t a Repugnut. I’d rather you (as in, ALL of you) were home. It tears my guts to bury kids again, and I don’t want one life uselessly spent. Having said all that, YOU are the guy in-country, so you get the edge.

    Thanks for listening


  2. There is no freakin’ excuse for Maher and his blatant slander of American Troops. PERIOD.

    One cannot simultaneously claim to support the Troops and defend that BS.

    Maher is not funny nor is he as intelligent as he likes to think he is. His value is constrained to the fact that his hatred for anybody not agreeing with his is painfully obvious. He is the poster boy for the true nature of the leaders of his political positions. He is the poster boy for the “politics of hate.”

    Why anybody would watch his show any longer than absolutely necessary causes a question of their values and is certainly an indication of their agreement with his self-serving, arrogant ignorance, and comsumption by similar hatred.

    Why the left would allow him to continue to “speak in their name” is pure stupidity.

    Then again, I’m trying to state this all in as nice a way as is possible. Personally, I think Geraldo and Maher should be confined in a small cell together but that would probably considered “cruel and unusual punishment.”

  3. I remember the rape, it happened right before I got to Foster. Didn’t they cane that guy? Somewhere around 98 / 99 (I think 99). That was when they had the kadena 2am curfew, and I think that they pulled back the drinking age…or upped in that year. I don’t remember I was drunk.

    I think I remember another service guy that was drunk, hit a girl with his car, and then drove the dented, bloodied car back on base and then got busted.

    Oh yeah, and there was an article about some lemon kid that was tied up for 15 hours with 550 cord. There is all sorts of fun stuff that happens in Okinawa. Let’s get drunk and tip tiny cars. I banged a blue haired chick named Ha, how does it get any better than that? I miss Okinawa.

    Forget about Maher. It’s all about purposeful self-indoctrination. There was a wondershowzen episode, I think season 2 and there was a skit called ‘am I a vessel’. A puppet walked around, and asked people if they were an empty vessel, and if they would believe the truth that he was selling to them. That is the human brain…an empty vessel awaiting some asshole to fill it in with whatever belief system you want becuase you are too weak to form one on your own using rational thought. This is the church, here are the sheeple…they look and smell alot like people…except they are gaping holes.

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