A Big Mistake by the President

Obama considers reaching out to Taliban ‘moderates?

Whomever is advising the President needs to understand the mindset and culture of the Muslim faith and more importantly the radical Muslims like the Taliban.  Even more importantly, if the President is not seeking advice and saying these things without guidance, he needs to be quiet until he is told what to say.

There is no such thing as a “moderate” Taliban. There is only one type of Taliban. A true Taliban is one that supports the mindset and teachings of Mullah Omar and him only. The Taliban do not necessarily support Osama Bin Laden, as he is a guest of the Taliban. Taliban believe in an extreme version of Islam that mandates no progress for women, extreme punishment, extreme Sharia law, etc. Anything less than that is just an Afghan.

If you read a book like Ghost Wars then you will see very clearly that unless an Afghan has very strong beliefs they will essentially sway to whatever side pays more or appears to be winning. I saw this also when I was in Afghanistan and I feel if you look at the history of Afghanistan that mindset is also very clear.

If the President plans to talk to “moderate” Taliban, he better lower his expectations because they are not real Taliban. If the people he would talk to are real Taliban, then they would try to jump the President and take him out. Real Taliban think they are going to a heaven as promised by their leader (Omar) who has twisted the teachings of the Qur’an. They cannot see past the promised land. They are brainwashed to hate all Infidels. In Mullah Omar’s twisted teachings he says that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and of course the Qur’an says to kill infidels. The reality is that an infidel is defined as someone who does not believe in “any” God. But Omar brainwashes his ignorant followers and they believe it.

I am hoping that this quote from the President is just another one of his empty and non-thought-out promises, because he doesn’t have the time to waste his breath talking to anyone that is a “moderate”. He needs to focus on this country and let his military focus on Afghanistan.

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