My Reply to Vampire 6

My Afghan blogging buddy, Vampire 6 wrote a really fascinating piece  at

I posted a comment to this posting and after re-reading my comment I thought a pointer to his blog entry along with my comment would make for a good blog posting here.

My Comment below——

Not surprising that Old Blue gave you such accurate advice. He was more than 100% correct. Regardless of how many stories you heard, blogs you read, etc you went into Afghanistan blind, deaf, and dumb as to what you would truly experience.

Now you are going back sober, awakened and cognizant to the hell-hole and frustration that awaits you. Your body and psyche splits into two, part of you wants to embed your fingers into the door frame of the house refusing to go back, and part of you wants to run to the car, get on the plane and get back to you team in order to calm your nerves that with you there nothing bad will happen to them and to get the job done and over.

As my team used to say, after R&R leave everything is downhill from there. As you are only a month or two from the worse fighting season we have ever seen starting up it will truly be downhill in more than one way. Take Care brother, God Speed to you and your team. Keep up those mag changes and the miltec handy.

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