Dropouts, Veterans; all the same

H/T to LL for bringing this to the attention of CJ and I the other day. I was going to write about it too, but CJ did such a good job there is no reason for me to.

http://www.schoolshistoryproject.co.uk/6pyixqo9d1 So do you consider a High School dropout and a Veteran of the military to be the same in your eyes? Take a moment and do this little test with yourself.

  1. Close your eyes, say out loud “High School Dropout”  and notice what image and thought that comes to mind.
  2. Now open your eyes for a second, then close them and say very loud “Military Combat Veteran” and see what image comes to mind and what thoughts you have.
  3. Are they the same? Do you consider them one in the same? If so, then you are probably an elected representative that worked on the Stimulus bill.
  4. If they are not the same images and thoughts, then head over to http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2009/02/17/about-those-uneducated-troops/ and see what I am talking about.


4 thoughts on “Dropouts, Veterans; all the same”

  1. https://www.chinnorparishcouncil.org.uk/iryye86vgw Troy I think HH misunderstood your implication. Anyone in their right mind
    should realize that a military veteran with as many years and wars as you
    have dedicated your life to; would certainly not intentionally slight our
    military. If he understood who made that statement about “if you don’t get
    your education; you will end up in Iraq” then he may know where you are
    coming from.

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