You Tube for Patriots and Heroes

Last night on the You Served Radio show that I co-host with CJ from ASP, we talked with some great guests and had some great dialogue. One of the people we talked with was the guy who started, Mr. Matt Daniels. Matt has never served in the military but wanted to do something to honor America’s military and first responders so he created was is essentially the You Tube of Patriots and Heroes, Because of the issues I have had on You Tube in getting my videos uploaded to them I told Matt that I would gladly stop using You Tube and start using his site. So over this weekend I am going to upload all my military videos that I can to this site. I will also start running all of my Videos of the Day posts that are normally linked to You Tube to this site instead.

In order to start this off right, I am showing here one of the most popular army videos from I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

2 thoughts on “You Tube for Patriots and Heroes”

  1. I’m doing the same thing. I’ve had videos on PTSD up for several years and now they
    are blocking them. They are educational use only, free of charge and covered legally
    plus I have a Creative Commons license. They will all be on Great Americans and my web
    site at and my blog At a time
    when veterans and the troops need this information and support more than ever, YouTube
    and Google decide to play games. I like Great Americans better because our videos will
    not be trapped in a bunch of other videos. Glad to see you are doing the same.

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