Petraeus gets it

Yes GEN Petraeus was hugely successful in Iraq with his strategy and I honestly beleive we would not have won there had it not been for him. However I have been cautious in both this blog and on the You Served Radio show about his approach to Afghanistan now that he is in charge of CENTCOM. This is the first story I have read where he is quoted and expresses the fact that he realizes not everything that worked in Iraq will work in Afghanistan.

In fact just last Thursday on the You Served radio show, CJ and I were talking about this exact subject matter and I expressed my concerns that he or others would think what worked in Iraq would work in Afghanistan. The paying off of local militia in Afghanistan is a prime example of something that may not work in Afghanistan as well as it worked in Iraq, however our military is trying that right now.  But in reading the article below, I am somewhat pleased that even though they are trying a few of the ingredients that worked in Iraq, Gen Petraeus is not going to try and bake the same exact pie.

Only time will tell of course, but these words are a bit re-assuring.

and one more article that dovetails into the previous one

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