Bouhammer Podcast: Interview with Scott Kesterson

Here is my first one-on-one interview podcast featured on This interview was conducted with freelance journalist, embedded reporter and filmmaker, Scott Kesterson. We talk almost exclusively about his film, AT WAR, but we also dive into the current state of the war in Afghanistan. You will see much more about AT WAR on this blog in the coming weeks as Scott is sending me a screener’s copy to do a private screening so I can spread the word on the film. In preparation of that and to be able to finally announce the upcoming release of it, Scott agreed to this interview in order to give exclusive announcement rights of the film first. I could have announced this myself, but I thought it would be much better for you to hear it directly from him.

So I am proud to be the first and only site that you will hear this interview on. AT WAR is coming and Scott talks all about it with me. You heard it here first, and only here. Be sure to check out,, or to see trailers of the film or learn more about it.

Click Here to listen to Interview with AT WAR Filmmaker, Scott Kesterson

3 thoughts on “Bouhammer Podcast: Interview with Scott Kesterson”

  1. What an excellent interview Troy. It was great to hear what Scott’s motivation for the movie was and is. Such a lot of hard and dangerous work went into the making of this magnificent projectct

    I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. Congratulations on the Exclusivity. I look forward to hearing your review.

    If I miss it (as noted by an absence of comments to your reports), please feel free to give me a wake-up call alerting me to your posting. I expect I’ll be linking back to your review more than once to get my readers in on your opinions.

  3. Wow we can hardly wait to see the film!! Knowing Scott put his life in danger to bring this to us and he also had no backing per se…I know you are honored to have been chosen by Scott to do this first interview and a private screening!! That is super and by the way you and Scott both did an excellent job on the informative!! And I can’t believe Scott is going back again. Wow What a guy.

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