America Redefined

The following posting is from Guest Blogger: Mike T.

When I was eighteen I awoke one morning to realize America was changing, but I was not so sure how. Fast forward eleven years and I am now seeing it clear as day. America is redefining itself in a way that only the future citizens of this country shall know.

We are a country of whiners, complainers, and blamers. For the past few generations our country has grown into those who earned to those who expect. We have raised our children to seek instant gratification, to worship fifteen minute of fame media whores, and to believe that our country is the root of all evil. Our society believes every child should be special and earn a trophy or you should not be held accountable for your actions; it’s someone else’s fault as the saying goes. We teach our own to break the little rules because no one cares about them and if you’re caught deny and lie until it hurts.

We are a country of law suit fanatics, artists of guilt, and simply uneducated individuals. In this country we have more lawyers then we do law enforcement personnel or teachers! We paint scenarios of racism in this country as a free check to do what ever you please. Is there racism, of course, but not unlike any other country has to deal with. When people stop feeling guilty for their own personal beliefs and ideas, which this country was founded on, maybe the guilt, will recede and we can start being honest in this country. The uneducated is directed to those who read only half of the story, those who truly are not privileged to the information about what goes on inside and outside of this country because YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW! No other country has a Freedom of Information Act. Why do Americans feel that they have the right to know everything because I can honestly tell you that you would not sleep for a week if you did?

My country is crumbling before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it except to educate myself and others, embrace change, but most importantly when my soul weakens to look up at the red, white, and blue and hope it is not too late.

We are a country that sat on Washington DC and booed our former President, the same man we re-elected. I ask you to think, what would you have done differently? Not every decision was the right one, many mistakes were made, but he made a decision. That is the problem in our country as well, we like to think we would have made a better decision, but once again the President, cabinet, Congress, and Senate all had knowledge of these decisions. Are people that blind to think the President goes around making decisions and that’s set in stone? Read the papers yesterday, President Obama is now facing the same issues with the Congress and Senate as President Bush did.

Why is it in this country people feel self-entitled to everything? Is it that we have to much access to technology, information, or are we that naïve to think we deserve for the simple fact of being Americans? Why do people latch onto whatever is the popular trend, listen to actors and believe everything that comes out their mouth concerning politics, engage in radical ideas on how everyone must be equal. Nothing in this world is equal, it is physically impossible. Our country was born out of the want for competition, the opportunity (not right) to succeed, and the willfully understanding that future generations would have to understand the past to change the future.

So I sit here and I struggle to look out my window and see America. I am not rich, I have a modest home, I have served my country in time of peace and war, I earned my college education on my own dime, donated my spare time to charities when possible, obtained a job in the civilian sector, and found someone to love. I struggle with being blamed for acts that occurred more than two hundred years ago, I am second generation American. I struggle with taxes for social programs for those who choose not to take care of themselves. I struggle that 50% of my income is taken away from me. I struggle to listen to people who believe think outside America the world is perfect or that their people out there who want to do harm to us just because they can? Why is that so hard for people to believe?

A man in my position is about to become the highest tax bracket, will never see any special programs, scholarships or tax breaks because of my color or gender. I watch illegal citizens get better health care than myself and fellow veterans. I am accused of being rich because I have a decent job, accused of keeping others down, accused of spreading Mr. Bush’s policies and destroying our image to other countries.

To all those reading this, as I tell my future wife we must remain vigilant, must keep our faith in our country… (Nothing to do with religion). We must think back to those difficult times from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the multiple conflicts, the 1960’s when our country was tearing itself apart, and now. Change is coming and so many have asked for it, what happens to our country and to those who truly believe so much change is coming and it does not happen? Will you riot; will you blame someone else like you are so good at? I ponder this everyday. To those brothers and sisters in arms, to those who support us, and to those who do not regardless we will remain on our watch until everyone is home and if there is a time were this world will only know war in a past tense. Mike T.

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  1. You make many good points and I have several thoughts swirling inside my head.

    First, change is coming. I would ask one thing of you and others that you may influence. When the riots come (and I believe they will) be sure you are being true to the oath you took to ‘Support and defend the constitution of the United States.” If you are finding yourself torn between what you are being ordered to do and what you believe is truly right, stand up with your convictions and refuse unlawful orders…because I have a feeling those will come.

    Second, yes we are changing, and that change is not always good. We have a country where a majority are now figuring out that they can oppress (aka TAX) a minority. More and more we are seeing our tax dollars go to social programs, bailouts and everything in between. We eventually need to stand up and say ENOUGH!

    Third, Change is coming. But fear not. Good men and women still exist. Men and women who believe in the constitution and the rights our fore-fathers intended us to have.

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